03 July, 2008

Landmark To Launch 10 Shariah-Compliant Hotels By 2010

Landmark Hotel in Dubai

Landmark Hotel Management LLC has announced that it will be launching 10 world-class Shariah-compliant hotels and serviced apartments in the UAE and KSA by the end of 2010. The move is in line with the company's strategy to cater to the increasing demand for Shariah-compliant projects in the Middle East.

Six of the ten upcoming projects will be launched in Dubai, two in Abu Dhabi, a four-star hotel in Fujairah and one hotel in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. All the projects will operate on Islamic principles, which means that they are alcohol-free, serve halal food, and provide a percentage of their profit to charity.

S.M. Sadique, Managing Director of Landmark Hotel Group, highlighted that Landmark Hotel Management is keen on increasing the mass appeal of Shariah-compliant hotels. 'Presently, the general perception is that Shariah-compliant hotels are only meant for Muslims; which is certainly not the case. There are several non-Muslims, especially with families, who thoroughly enjoy the quieter and cleaner ambiance offered in Shariah-compliant hotels. Through our forthcoming projects we are determined to broaden the appeal of Shariah-compliant hotels across the Middle East.'

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Anonymised said...

Er.. How about dress code for women in the hotels? Will that too have to be Shariah compliant?

alexander... said...

Sorry, but since when was it acceptable to post press releases up here?

bb said...

Does that mean the prostitute will have to wear a scarf at the bar?

Proud Emirati said...

No, it will mean that there will be no bars there

Anonymous said...

^^ Can infidels stay at this hotel?

DUBAI JAZZ said...

WTF is wrong with you people?
What's wrong in providing a hotel environment compatible with Gulf traditions?
What's wrong in allowing families from Saudi Arabia or Kuwait the chance of enjoying what Dubai can offer without them being offended by drunken people and women in skimpy clothes?

Live and let live…

alexander... said...

Islamic or not, traditionally or culturally sensitive or not - this is a press release, complete with empty CEO quote and 'vision' and all the rest.

I'll start posting client releases, then. It's obviously acceptable. The rest will follow.

Enjoy reading Dubai's worst puff, people...

Community Blog indeed.

Lirun said...

i think it reasonable to ask what rights women may have or may lose as they enter such establishments.. and to what extent a hotel can impose a separate system of regulation over and above that which already exists in society..

given that dubai is not sharia compliant - i would wonder what the delta would be between life inside and outside such a hotel..

interesting topic..

Anonymous said...

Hey DJazz
any Idea why most of the GCC nationals travel to Dubai or Bahrain during weekends? btw the offence that you refer to is very entertaining to most of them!

Proud Emirati said...

I forgot to say that this is a great idea, a first step to ban non-sharia complaint hotels.

Proud Emirati said...

I mean immoral undecent shamless hotels.....

Anonymous said...

DJ, I agree with you,look at the negativity filling the comment section, why? because it is a hotel that does not offer what many expats look for.
This hotel would be one of many, you have plenty to choose from that offer you the wine and the beer that you need to "enjoy" life.

At last there is some place that is decent where you don't get by a pink drunken man who gives you a wink and asks you what is your name.

Lirun"i think it reasonable to ask what rights women may have or may lose as they enter such establishments.." what are you are you talking about. would you ask the same kind of question when you enter a kosher friendly place?

It is simply a place that caters for proper muslims who care to have a non alcoholic environment, who care to know tat their beef is not cut on a cutting board where pork was cut few mintues ago...who don't want to see the G-string of some ladies..many jews like your self would appreciate that, I am sure. So I don't get your confusion or your interesting question.

Dear expats, we cater for your stay here, because we need you to stay for the sake of convenience..however that doesn't mean eliminating our way of life, or having to explain thing such as this hotel.

Alexander dear, you should have complained about press releases when the revloving tower was discussed..but clearly this is a topic that distrubed you.

alexander... said...


Revolving tower post wasn't a pasted press release 'in line with company strategy' complete with CEO's 'Visionary' quote.

This topic? You trying to say I'm complaining about this press release being posted on a community blog simply because it's about a Shariah compliant offering?


Lirun said...

there is no such thing as a kosher friendly place and thee are no rights that you are denied by entering a kosher restaurant.. thats a ridiculous comparison..

i just find it fascinating that in a land that has marketed itself to the west so aggressively for so long and successfully i might add.. there appears to be a huge under current of regret..

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