08 July, 2008

Dubai mention on G Unit's T.O.S album

I started paying attention to mentions of Dubai in the non-traditional places (ie. not newspapers or news channels). First one I noticed was the mention of Dubai in GTA4 (Grand Theft Auto IV). It was in connection with a construction site where the workers were on strike and you had to take them out. I'm still stuck there!

Then the Terminate on Sight (TOS) album for G Unit came out. I like 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, etc.. but this album is terrible! Nevertheless, they managed to squeeze in a mention of Dubai in the track, "Get Down".

The lyrics go a little something like this:

I'm out the hood gettin fat and high
bought the jet, now it's time to fly
got the rolling with the [can't make it out], getting head in Dubai

So, yes, ladies and gentlemen, he is referring to what you think he is..


Umar in Dubai said...

Wow thats great... I'll also pay attention now to see where else dubai appears

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

I dont know whats more pathetic, the fact that this post is totally pointless OR that the poster listens to this sorry excuse for "music."

Im really loathing humanity right now.

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

a blessing tragedy,

The post is meant to be 'entertaining', in the middle of the death to bloggers and riots posts.

My taste in music is... ah, you know what.. you are not even worth the response.

Anonymous said...

Dubai is mentioned in Hancock too

DUBAI JAZZ said...

DE, quite interesting!

I figure they should've named themselves the G Spot!:

On sight terminations
G-spot stimulations

Anonymous said...

to those who don't know; 'head' is a blowjob.

wide-eyed innocence said...

what's a blowjob?

Mary Embrey said...

@ Anon 8 July 21.26

And clearly you were wow-ed by that eh? After all, it made it to the UAE blog!

Well, when I heard Dubai, I took off in the air, Hancock style. Didn't it make gulfnews?

God save the queen said...

What's with the Brits these days btw?



More! More! More! You gotta admit the entertainment value!

phantom said...


Anonymous said...

The National has a great article on this today. Click here

Technologically Challenged said...

How come you can post links and I can't? :((

How do you do that?

Witness to world wonders said...

I saw it! I saw it! It said "Flying Angel Dubai" (At first I thought I'd see Hancock flying!)

It's even written in Arabic, wohhhh

Royalty Groupie said...

He is actually human! You know, the humane guy who introduced the Seafarer support vessel!

AND it was inaugurated by Prince Charles!!! I totally love British Royalty! All closet queens the lot of them. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

2pac woulda lurve it 'ere.

hemlock said...

bwahahahah. wait till the rulers get a load of this. ;D

Tattoophobic © said...

Urgh the tattoos!

@ Hemlock, you little snitch!

Anonymous said...

the filthy rich guy who wanted to buy an entire movie in Entourage season 4 made his fortune in Dubai!

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

No, he was FROM Dubai. That was a cool show!

It was stereotypical of a rich Arab.. but at least he was a cool rich Arab.

hemlock said...

tattoophobic: who me?! 0_o

hemlock said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A Blessing in Tragedy said...

a blessing tragedy,

The post is meant to be 'entertaining', in the middle of the death to bloggers and riots posts.

My taste in music is... ah, you know what.. you are not even worth the response.

Um... Unless that post was types in "magic invisible" ink you DID in fact respond to me you worthless hack.

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