11 July, 2008

Singapore Wannabe?

After a brief recent visit to Singapore, I realized that it's what Dubai should have been, especially considering how much Dubai copied from there. You can understand certain shortcomings, especially that innovators are always ahead of imitators. But the one thing that still does not add up about Dubai, is real estate.

There you had Asia's international hub of business, finance, and trade, wrapped up in a city-state governed by fully enforced republican law, enjoying excellent transportation facilities and civil infrastructure, great tropical weather, and a municipal management unmatched all over the continent. Literally billions of Asians are competing to get a spot or an office in this limited island, and yet they have a healthy real estate market where 60% of the units costs LESS than Dubai's cheapest offerings. The other 40% that cost more (granted some are significantly more) than Dubai's more expensive units, had a lot more to offer for that kind of money that it actually still made sense.

Yes I found many real estate units there that surpassed 4000 dirhams per square foot, but the quality on offer was superb, the facilities included were comprehensive and more than luxurious, and the location slash exclusivity were supreme. Exclusivity there meant a street corner of the top commercial and shopping district, in short, only ONE BUILDING would have that advantage, and therefore would advertise that it's exclusive in that way or location. Dubai's every other tower claims exclusivity, which is an oxymoron now honestly - 100 towers in the middle of nowhere looking at each other's swimming pools and all are branded as exclusive thanks to having central air conditioning or a silly voice activated lift.

Condos there were found thriving being offered for S$700 per sq ft, that is close to 1800 dirhams, and that is with full facilities of parking and entertainment, access to mass transit stations and convenience stores, security and all the usual bells and whistles, but more importantly were ALREADY BUILT!

Unless the Dubai developers and current "investors" come to grips with reality, and realize that 3 bedroom apartment rents of over a quarter of a million dirhams per year and prices above 3500 dirhams per square foot that they are dreaming of are probably not going to materialize, JBR will continue to be a ghost town and this market will face a long period of silence, followed by panic sales forced by bank payment pressures and a complete bubble burst.

Dubai Warrior


A Blessing in Tragedy said...

Move to Singapore.

Rose in Dubai said...

ABIT, that is such a typical stupid ignorant comment but exactly what I've come to expect from the likes of you and exactly what makes your suggestion very attractive.

The whole point DW is making is that there IS an attractive alternative to being ripped off in Dubai and pretty soon all the people who have choices will have made them. Dubai will be left with all the morons who are not capapble of finding new opportunities, and the only new people who will come here are the dross of society who can't get jobs elsewhere.

Is that really what you want for your country?

moryarti said...

Singapore is at maturity stage, already went thru its growth mode and a couple of infliction points in the late 90s (1996/7 to be specific). They had their up and down-turns, learned from their mistakes and now reaping the benefits.

You should've been to Singapore in the mid 90s when they were still lashing people for spitting gum, traffic was a nightmare and the cost of a crappy 1br apartment was higher then a beach condo in Malibu, CL.

Dubai, however, is still in Hyper-growth mode - all regulatory strategies (telecoms, transportation, real-estate) are yet to take effect and can/will only be felt few years ahead.

A characteristic of any hyper-growth economy/market is its capability accommodate all types of players -including mediocre businesses.

It will take a couple of shakedowns or tipping points, to expose the mediocre' out and only organizations with a sustainable business model will retain and maintain their presence.

And to your point on realtors here, if you go through newspapers in the past few months, u’ll find more stories of delayed projects, worries of supply overshooting demand, realtors businesses shutting down or their execs investigated, than any time before.

Dubai Warrior said...


We certainly agree on principal, but there are two important reasons I need to clarify why Dubai cannot use the excuse of "developing" and "hyper-growth" that Singapore had:

1- Singapore pioneered its own way. It was growing in its own right and tried to maintain rule of law and growth despite the lack of any local natural resources. So in the middle of the hyper-growth it is understandable to make mistakes and then correct it. Dubai was pioneering its own way too and became developed, had all the natural resources to support it, but then stopped, changed course, and started copying everything Singapore and other Asian cities were doing right. We don't expect creativity, but there was no reason for the current rampant corruption, mismanagement, deterioration of standards, coupled with an artificially inflated market. Did Singapore municipality release false figures to support its growth? Did they let unchecked unregulated real estate companies build however they want without standards and then release market reports of investment projections that only certified financial institutions should release? Did they declare war on people sharing apartments and carry out communist-like raids on houses to count family heads and serve eviction notices just to force demand?

2- Singapore's real estate boom in the nineties grew out of inherent demand. A local population and a chinese community competing to get a piece of a limited island that don't have much elsewhere to go. Dubai has all the land in the World to more than suffice the demand a hundred times over, a demand that was aggressively fueled by direct government marketing in the form of specific statements and specific deliverables. Deliverables like residence visas, living standards, civil infrastructure, building codes. Instead residence was recanted, living standards were left to plummet, people got penalized for using current infrastructure, and building codes were often ignored, sometimes deliberately. That's not mistakes, that's outright mismanagement, and that has a price to pay.

Please, don't lull yourself into false security that like Singapore things will cool off slightly in Dubai before being sorted out. There's no talent in government anymore, leadership is weak and disinterested, and law has been subverted to serve immediate exploitative monetary gains. This will not recess or have a shakedown, but will crash and burn many people's savings, hopes and dreams as it goes into an outright depression and regret.

Trust me, it's my job to analyze and predict these economical patterns.

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

Ignorant? pft. its a solution. you like to bitch, I like to see the end game. you cant bitch and bitch and bitch forever. your only 2 choices are STAY or LEAVE. No matter how you word it, slice it, dice it, those are your only 2 choices. so make a choice you lazy lazy person.

You're bitching a whole lot, so logic would argue that you should leave. simple. Maybe you should have actually gone to school.

Likes of me? and who am I? and what/who/where is like me?

I know! it is very attractive, so is your head under my new 20 inch wheels, but we cant always get what we fancy can we?

You didnt like my comment, the only LOGICAL one so you "attempted" to act smart with that comeback... a failed attempt. sorry, try again.

Anonymous said...

abit, oh please.. 20" wheels.. try again.. I run you over on my 22's and my wheels spin when I'm parked.

B.D. said...

Again, I think the bubble is going to be propped up for some time by the petro-dollars flooding into the region. Case in point: A developer recently launched a new condominium project at AED 2500+ per square foot. That would mean nearly $700,000 for a 1000 sq ft, 1-bedroom flat--which by the way won't be available to reside in for 5 years, and which may or may not meet advertised quality standards. Weeks after the pre-launch many of the units were taken up. Now, I can't imagine that many end-users would make this kind of investment--it would just not be logical when other properties nearer to completion and at similar or lower prices are available. This suggests that the majority of the purchasers are speculators. They, of course, expect values to continue to rise dramatically.

Now, this supports your notion of a bubble, but if it is petro-dollars that make such speculation possible, then with economies like China and India ever growing, the petro-dollars should be available far longer than the average bubble run.

Kyle said...


I doubt when you say ‘the petro-dollars should be available far longer than the average bubble run’.

This may hold true based on current and future prices!

However, I hope you’re aware that there are countries, led by the US, that are already looking into alternative sources for their energy requirements. So, it’s just a matter of time before this region experiences a slow-down of incoming petro-dollars.

To sum up speculatively by also taking into consideration the geopolitical scenario, I’d say, what they have now & eventually 5 years down the road and how long it lasts them – now that remains to be seen!

Rose in Dubai said...

ABIT, you are right. It is a solution for me. I can leave any time I want. Actually my life is still pretty good here, but the minute that changes I have the option to leave. Lucky me.

But its not a solution for Dubai to have all the good people go elsewhere and be left with the weak and uneducated. Just ask anyone in recruitment right now how difficult it is to get good people to come here. They take one look at the cost of living and price themselves out of the market. Good people will never reduce their standard of living to come to a city, however over-hyped it is. They have too many choices.

And don't go threatening me with your cute little car.

bb said...

I also came back from Singapore. It was my first time there and I was amazed how this city got the dense urban lifestyle right. I can't say anything about politic although I've heard Singapore has a very democratic and consultative system which would be very difficult, if not impossible to implement here.

What I can say is that it's obvious that Singapore was planned with much more care than Dubai. Walking around Singapore, despite the hot weather was a pleasure. Indoor pathway allows to cross multiple block of the city, from a mall into an hotel, over a bridge down into the next building, into a park and so on. They call those "Connectors". From what I've heard of the official those "connectors" have to be part of any building designed to have any chance to get it approved.

Imagine being able to walk from the Trade Center to the Gulf News building going from one building to another using connecting passageway. Oh and of course being able to walk across SHZ while we're at it.

Despite being democratic Singapore has been lead by the vision of one man since 1959. Prime minister Lee Kuan Yew. Which in a way makes it quite similar to Dubai. I am pretty sure Singapore which is older than Dubai went through the nightmarish stage we're in in Dubai. Construction everywhere, crazy traffic, everchanging roadwork.

To BIT I have to say that you are pathetic. Why is it impossible to discuss or give constructive criticism on just about anything without being requested to leave? I don't care where you're from but you've seem to have adapted quite well to the region.

As much as you want Dubai didn't and cannot get everything right, Dubai and the UAE have decided to compete (whore?) for attention on the international scene and must accept to compare themselves and be compared to other cities.

If you were to understand that criticism does not mean the critics do not like this country, it means that we want it to be even better. When someone says: "Hey, look, Singapore got that thing better than Dubai.", they are not insulting Emiratis, they are not saying that Dubai should be burned to the ground and given to Chinese. They are just saying that maybe Dubai would be even better than it is if it were to have that thing.

I did not live Singapore for a long time and I am sure I would complain about a lot of things if I were to stay there for more than a month. As with any other place I don't expect to find perfection anywhere until inch'allah I meet with god.

Anonymous said...


If Dubai burned to the ground and given to the Chinese, does it mean we can expect cheap children toys and 2-sim phones?

Dubai Warrior said...

b.d, you assume that the petro dollars are actually supporting this growth. If that was true then why is Riyadh not the brightest fastest-growing city in the Middle East? It's simple: that petro dollars are not related and because it takes much more than just money to make a growing attractive city.

More importantly, the oil in Dubai is running out, and that is why they're using anything coming right now to fatten the Soverign Wealth Fund (SWF) purse, one which will be used to spend on the welfare of an increasingly lethargic low-productivity local citizenry (with all respect to them and their culture, it is however a real situation that we need to mention honestly!)

Anonymous said...

Dubai is far far better than pathetic singapore.

Does Singapore have as many millionaires as Dubai ?

Do they have the worlds tallest structure?

Do they have the best shopping in the world?

no they dont so please dont compare singapore to dubai

Dubai Warrior said...


errr, I'm sorry?!?! Do they have as many millionaires? Yes, they have multiples more than Dubai!
Do they have the highest structure?! They, we, and nobody with brains care.
Do they have the best shopping?! Yes, Some of the best shopping in the World, everything was newer than in Dubai, and at least 10% to 15% cheaper. They had the Grand Summer Sale worked out and running for decades before Dubai copied it as Dubai Shopping Festival by the way.

Thank you VERY much for demonstrating exactly what is wrong with local mentality and people's perception.

Anonymous said...

As an HR manager I can tell u that the level of skills comming here are diminishing by the day. It is extremely difficult to find skilled people with experience!!!If u observe well u will see that their is much more people here than the facilities available, however most of the demography is constituted from low skilled people, who had no other choice but to come here. This in turn is creating a higher challenge on the facilities and the quality of their services. I have visited hotels often and I can see that their service is detriorating rapidly from one year to another same thing with restuarants. Construction companies are so fully loaded with burdens that they cannot cope with the market growth. With all those negatives, their are somethings, that are becomming better, such as public transportation.

Rose in Dubai said...

Anon 10.34 - do you even have a passport? Do you even know where Singapore is?

Don't give me attitude, I've got my own! said...

I dunno why anyone would lose time arguing with Tragedy. He's only 24 for God's sake. Hardly what you would call a fountain of maturity and wisdom now, would you?

We have seen evidence plenty of this. He's on a rote really, 'go home' 'leave' 'go home' leave'.

BITe the Parrot!

The Language Expert said...

Anonymous HR Manager,

"their is much more people here than the facilities available"

Erm. Maybe if you learn to spot spelling mistakes from your writing first, you'll be better able to spot talent on CVs.

As to vocabulary.... Facilities so absolutely do not mean vacancies/job opportunities which I believe you wanted to say. Here's a google definition: "Services that are people feel are essential such as toilets, heating, telephones, baby changing, wheelchair and pushchair hire, locker hire".

Hardly the same thing eh?

A little bird tells me you're no more HR Manager than the next engineer. Quack!Quack! Oops but that's a duck.

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

don't give me attitude, i've got my own! said...
I dunno why anyone would lose time arguing with Tragedy. He's only 24 for God's sake. Hardly what you would call a fountain of maturity and wisdom now, would you?

We have seen evidence plenty of this. He's on a rote really, 'go home' 'leave' 'go home' leave'.

BITe the Parrot!

Actually I'm 26. Thats 24... plus 2... YAY! I just taught you arithmetic.

YOU and most like you dont like hearing that argument because its the ONE that you cannot argue against.

And YOU are the one equating experience and wisdom with AGE, something NO logical person would do, and yet I am lacking experience and wisdom?

Yeah, and pigs fly (you have wings?)

Rose... LITTLE CUTE CAR? Hardly. Just because you are a "proud" owner of a Toyota Yaris doesnt mean everyone is.

don't give me attitude I've got my own said...

Erm... you just taught YOURSELF arithmetic BIT.. Your profile says 24, please don't blame us ignorant expats if you can't record your year of birth properly...(by the time you answer, you'll no doubt have rectified that :) )

The biggest proof of your immaturity? That you allowed yourself to be provoked lol! Surely you should know better at your age? See, Samuraisam for instance, after his first mistake in allowing himself to be provoked by Cheeky Minx, he learnt.

You my friend keep falling prey to our baiting over and over again...

26 eh? Appalling..

don't give me attitude I've got my own said...

Oh, I'll be off for a little while, please leave me some erm.. mature comments for when I get back!

This blog is just so entertaining, reminds me of Shakespeare's comedy - Much Ado About Nothing...

Rose in Dubai said...

ABIT - soooooo, 26, are we talking calender age or IQ?

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

We're talking the amount of times I fucked your mom.

Actually its less about immaturity and more about I have rage issues.Oh, plus the fact that a bunch f ants are always bitching about the wolve's cave that they live in. Its funny.

No, I didnt rectify it, Blogger doesnt automatically change your age based on time elapsed from the time you sign up (Like Myspace for example)

So when Im 30 it'll still say 24. I'd assume you dumbasses would at least know the ins and outs of a service you use and love so much.

Baiting? lol. You fool, this is cheap entertainment for me, I like fucking with you people because at the end of the day I am SOMEBODY here and you are all ants brought in to be my slaves.

Do I have a God complex? Yeah,but it's not hard with the likes of you people. very very easy.

Rose in Dubai said...

>>LITTLE CUTE CAR? Hardly. Just because you are a "proud" owner of a Toyota Yaris doesnt mean everyone is<<

ROFLMAO!!! You moron!! Even the lowest form of wit seems to be beyond you!

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