21 June, 2008

Site is being copied

It has been brought to my attention that the website http://blog.dirhambrokers.com/ has made a carbon copy of the content on this website, plopped on a few ads and given absolutely no credit for any posts it has copied nor asked permission.
I'm very limited in what I am able to do against this (alongside a few people here who have the exact same problem: http://www.phoenixrealestateguy.com/dear-nodebtmortgagecom-please-stop-stealing-my-content/953.
Even so, I'd like to remind anyone thinking of mirroring content from here that it is absolutely necessary to provide a link back to this website (whether you are quoting in a newspaper, website, magazine etc)


Anonymous said...

You can do two things:

1) Email the person - his email is: x@strongcord.com and tell him to stop.
2) It looks like this server is being hosted in US. You can send their hosting provider a DMCA notice
They will be forced to comply and take the content down.

More Info: (e.g: http://www.blogherald.com/2007/06/04/how-to-write-an-effective-dmca-notice/)

DMCA: http://en.wikipedia.org/DMCA

Anonymous said...

The main email address is db2@DirhamBrokers.com - i missed that.

samuraisam said...

rushi: Both have already been done, along with some other things.

Editor said...

I would suggest to report the blog to Google Adsense. In their terms and policies is written that it's strictly prohibited to display ads on stolen content. At least the owner will loose his/hers Adsense account.

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