18 September, 2008

Are forum operators responsible for content?

Muscati writes:
Without knowing the details of Oman's laws, I knew that keeping the topic on the forum would probably expose me personally, as OmanForum's administrator, to responsibility for publishing the article since similar to the case of Ali Al Rasdhi a few years ago, people who were attacked on the Sabla complained to the Public Prosecutor and the PA held the site's owner responsible. I took a quick decision and deleted the article in full. By the morning of the 20th of July, the article had been copied on other forums, most importantly Sablat Oman (www.omania2.net).

Last night I read on the Sabla that the public prosecutor's office had called in Ali Al Zuwaidi (known online as Bin Daris), the moderator of the Sabla's politics and economy forum, for investigation charging him with responsibility under Article 61 of the Telecommunication law (
قانون الاتصالات) which makes website owners as well as moderators and administrators of forums responsible for the content published by their users.
Are there the same concerns for forum administrators in the UAE? What about, um, group blogs?


EmiratesMac said...

Not sure exactly about the law, but we at emiratesmac.com have taken a pretty tough stance against anything that could get us or our group into trouble. So I would say the same concern exists for us for sure.

samuraisam said...

There was a case here a while ago concerning a forum administrator (link)

As for this blog;
a) read above, by posting a comment here you agree it is your responsibility, the same goes for making posts.
b) there isn't much actual original research going on on this blog, so in many cases it's just links to other websites, so I hope posting a link to a CNN article isn't illegal.
c) As pretty much the admin of this site I can't say I'm too concerned about stuff, I don't let stuff go beyond a certain line. Petty arguments between users here probably would never result in any sort of action, it's more a case of people writing comments/posts which make extravagant claims.

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