27 September, 2008

newsflash: fish eat other fish

"More than ten percent of the sharks in Dubai Aquarium's 10 million-litre aquarium have been killed in attacks that have marred the build-up to its grand opening on Oct 30.

Sand Tiger sharks have killed at least 40 smaller reef sharks and been aggressive towards divers working on final preparations in the giant tank.

The aquarium features the world's single largest school of sharks and the world's largest viewing platform. It is the centrepiece of the new 12 million sq ft Burj Dubai Mall.

Built to showcase one of the world's most diverse and exotic collections of marine animals, the aquarium is home to more than 33,000 living specimens.

A total of 85 species is represented, with over 400 sharks and rays considered the main attraction.

But the concentration of such a large number of sharks in a relatively small space has led to what some might have considered predictable problems for the Dubai Mall's management.

General manager Yousuf Al Ali admitted the world's most feared ocean predator had caused teething problems.

"It is inevitable that aquatic species die – sometimes out of natural causes or out of injuries inflicted by bigger fish species," he said.

"Sand Tiger sharks, by nature, are fish-eating. However, all sharks and other animals in the Dubai Aquarium & Discovery Centre at The Dubai Mall are currently on a monitored feeding schedule in order to subdue their naturally opportunistic behaviour and appetite."

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Stained said...

I can't wait for it to open...my trip to the Sharjah one was great...so I'm hoping this more lavish one will be better... :D

Mars said...

*shakes her head in disbelief*

DUBAI JAZZ said...

They should've allowed the natural selection process to take its course. Let the fittest survive.

Emaratiyah said...

can't stand the idea of having sharks trapped in an aquarium...such an ugly sight for a such a powerful fish...Disgusting

rosh said...

WOW! gets crazier by the month! Sharks?! I pray those people know whatever the hell is it they are doing. Stained where did you see Sharks in SHJ?

i*maginate said...

Mall mgmnt may have a prob if the tank isn't strong lol

i*maginate said...

rosh, sharks are tasty btw, i did a review on my princess blog :P

DUBAI JAZZ said...

I think the mall management may already be in trouble since one of the sharks turned out not to be a shark but rather a gay whale. He now is believed to have been deported back to the UK through the Suez Canal.

Nature Strikes Back said...

I was just going to say it's a fish eat fish world but then DJ's comment above cracked me up ... in fact I'm still laughing..

Proud Emirati said...

They didn't see that coming?

Lirun said...

i eat fish too

Rose in Dubai said...

>>General manager Yousuf Al Ali admitted the world's most feared ocean predator had caused teething problems.<<

"Teething problems"??? - well he sure got that right!

rosh said...

lol DJ :)

They host Piranhas at the aquarium? And this thing is the centerpiece of this huge "gold souk" mall? Is this safe, or sort of insane? DJ, BuJ, anybody?

Anonymous said...

What the FISH is going on in Dubai?? insane! wonder how the gay shark looks like... hee hee

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