09 September, 2008

Skype access to return to the UAE?

It might be according to Arabian Business - but don't hold your breath, read the whole article.

Quote of the decade from Mohamed Al Ghanim, director general of the TRA:
Customers and even those (VoIP) companies think that we are blocking them, but we are not blocking them – we are putting a process together for those companies to be licenced and this will take some time. There are challenges associated with it.
Wait a minute - an online company with no physical presence in the U.A.E has to be licensed in the U.A.E.? Is this true with other companies such as Ebay?

Another gem:
When we licence a company in the UAE, we make sure they have a presence, so if you pay your bill and the company does not provide you with a service, there is a way to recover your money. Customers need to be protected.
Yah - tell that to the people who have lost their money to U.A.E. licensed companies such as property developers who have over-hyped and under-delivered, or to telecom companies who charge people for a fast internet speed but deliver such a slow speed that a snail would be ashamed of it.

Why can't the TRA just come out and say, "We're banning Skype because it would cut into our already humungous profits."?

We could live with that!


Anonymous said...

nzm, please take of that icon at the end of your post. You made your point clear without it.

hemlock said...

"disingenuous tosh"

roflol! hahahaha! that's funny :D

Kyle said...


To some extent looks like the TRA here is getting tips from AT&T (losers) who have a monopoly on the iPhone in the US. Like in the case of AT&T, the best way people have discovered is to beat them at their own game; jailbreak/winpwn, if you’re familiar with these terms. Although, at the end of the day, it still makes Steve Jobs a richer man for all the # of units illegally sold without a contract.

Draw your conclusion of a jailbreak/winpwn viz. Skype.

Lirun said...


nzm said...

Hemlock: I credit Keefieboy with that - he came up with it first!

Kyle: sure there are ways around it - we have a tunnel out of the U.A.E. that gets us nicely around the blocking of the sites which are bad for our morals and cultural values. I don't think that the TRA needs any tips, they do quite nicely on their own!

Jayne said...

Tell the truth..........?? I reckon I'll get pregnant first :-)

salingPUSA said...

I am an online english teacher and I use skype in teaching my students in KOREA. I am from Manila. Skype is way better than YM in many aspects esp the quality of voice. good thing they decided to bring it back in your area.

salingPUSA said...

I am an online english teacher in Manila and I teach Koreans. I use skype. I've been doing so for 2 years now and it's very efficient. Voice quality is good too. Way better than YM. Good thing they decided to bring it back in your area.....

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