25 September, 2008

Atlantis - the Opulent

i love how the world cant get over the glitter that is Dubai.

here's a great story from The Daily Mail, titled "Inside the £800m Dubai hotel boasting a £13,000-a-night suite and dolphins flown in from the South Pacific".

you COULD just say "inside the Atlantis", but somehow i dont think that would hold as much weight. 

the story says:

It's the latest word in Gulf excess - a sprawling £800million resort boasting a £13,000-a-night suite and dolphins flown in from the South Pacific, all atop a palm tree-shaped island...

With its own oil reserves running dry, Dubai hopes to woo those eager to make money and those who know how to spend it - even as much of the global economy sours.

For years, the emirate - one of seven semi-independent states that make up the United Arab Emirates - has been feverishly building skyscrapers and luxury hotels.

A key piece of the strategy has been to cultivate an image in the West as a sun-kissed tourist destination despite its soaring summer heat, conservative Muslim society and relative dearth of historic sites.

if nothing else, the pictures are worth taking a look at.


Abu Dhabi Blogger said...

The pictures are definitely worth a look... or two! And yeah, I agree with you... a simpler description would have been equally meaningful but then again, it is Dubai!

DUBAI JAZZ said...

isn't it funny that they're using a Babylonian Tower as a water slide and they even call it 'a leap of faith'?

i think there is a lack of taste in the matter.

manimalcruelty said...

you know you've been in dubai too long when you say "a simpler description would have been equally meaningful"...!

An £800m Dubai hotel is relevant!! That's more then the wealth of some countries!

£13,000 a night is relevant!! That's more than some people make in a year!

And not forgetting the target audience are those who have never visited dxb.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Please wear appropriate swimwear at all times. Inappropriate swimwear includes but is not limited to the following:

-Underwear on its own
-Street clothes
-Clothing with rivets, buckles or exposed metal
-Long, loose-fitting clothing
-Any garments deemed inappropriate by Atlantis Management

Kyle said...


I'll tell you who'll be able to afford this GBP 13K a night absurdity at this gaudy monstrosity;

All the top brass at Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Lehmann Group and every other corporate moron or twerp that was involved in the meltdown that's going to cost us tax payers US$ 700 Billion (if not a Trill) in this bail out chunk of change.

Once they return back to their bases, supposedly recuperated and rejuvenated, they'll turn this pile of concrete & steel into a museum and beg us to visit, for a pittance, just to keep it from crumbling down to pieces.

Ah, money! It makes the world go around, or does it?

Anonymous said...


Well said.
Capitalism AKA market economy: Keeping as pets monsters that creat illusions while feasting on taxpayers earnings. Then when these monsters develop heart disease, high cholesterol due to over feeding. The taxpayer foots the bill for the heart surgery that brings the monster back to its parasitic best!Cheers!

BuJassem said...

So very typically British! Quality is confused with price. Additionally, Dubai never had much oil for it to run out in the first place, so this shows another quality - lack of knowledge.

Also perhaps it's not fair to say that our society has a "dearth of historic sites.. you have to go and look for it. They don't include mini-museums in all these malls.

I'd say that we need better marketing about our history. The history is there, but rather inaccessible for the non-Arab reader.

Anonymous said...

Very nice place... I want to live there for half an hour or so :)

Lirun said...

feel bad for the dolphins.. id prefer the pacific..

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Using the Ziggura as a water slide is an insult to the Mesopotamian architecture.
If I was Nebuchadnezzar I wouldn't be very happy.

Anonymous said...

One Ziggurat burger with babylon fries please!

a former popular blogger said...

Bujassim beat me to it...coz when since was Dubai ever an 'oil dependant' Emirate??? I guess its journalism Daily Mail style...

And of course all the usual playa-hater-isms white folks have come floating to the surface whenever a story like this comes about.

hemlock said...

manimalcruelty: you know you've been in dubai too long when you say ... heheh... lol. no. i think ive just reconciled myself with the fact that 20% of the world's population has 80% of the wealth. nothing surprises me now :)

kyle: dude. usually people who make the mess arent the ones who are around to clean it up.
the only alternate for US would be to go to war with iran...
oh wait, that they intend to anyways. hmm.
i sometimes believe life would be more fair if we went back to bartering :) i'd like to see what the rich have to offer besides cash :D
p.s thanks for the holiday wishes. am having a blast at home :)

Kyle said...

I'd say that we need better marketing about our history. The history is there, but rather inaccessible for the non-Arab reader.

Mr. Bujassem:

I think the Arab World in general is very rich in history, in ethics, and in discipline. Unfortunately, after the petroleum discovery, all the aforementioned virtues have been replaced - for lack of a better term - with everything to the contrary. And with each new passing day, its getting worse, and soon it'll reach to a point of no-return.

Former Popular Blogger:

The comment above to Mr. Bujassem was penned by an educated guy that has no time for color-based hater-ism mind game(s) - definitely not for absurd structures in shaky waters.

Kyle said...

the only alternate for US would be to go to war with iran...


You're on!

I'm like, there won't be one with Iran, war that is!

What's the wager?

BuJassem said...

a former blogger... ah. you just cracked me up with your chosen name.. i guess we all have our days and i couldn't agree with u more!

Kyle.. so you can argue in a balanced way after all? You just try to stir it up most of the times though? hehe i would do the same!

I agree with you about the history bit. Sadly I am quite unhappy with all what's happening in my country in the name of "development"... you can work on the people, on the infrastructure, on the systems, etc but to be the best you don't need to prove it by prefixing the adjectives "tallest", "biggest", "longest" next to all your achievements.

At school we learnt from a young age that quality and quantity should never be mixed.

Keep up the good work

Emaratiyah said...

you last comment to Buj is so accurate, specially coming from a non Arab.

I would never go near that ugly piece of cement...

i*maginate said...

Mr. BJ

When you coming back?

Anonymous said...

gimme a BJ honey

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