03 September, 2008

Master plan for Manchester City's new Middle East owners

Very interesting, not quite accurate, far fetching article : Arabian might at Eastlands.

Sound bite:

"My only goal was to put on the red shirt...... I am happy that everything ended in the best possible way and that my dream to play in such a classy team came true"!

Manchester United new boy Dimitar Berbatov insists trophies mean more to him than money. United smashed their transfer record to sign the 27-year-old, with the £30.75million deal finally being announced at 12.40am on Tuesday morning, 40 minutes after the transfer deadline expired and after Manchester City looked to hijack the deal.



a question of a question said...


Gulf News today on the Hotel Atlantis Fire

"History: Blazes from the past

August 26, 2008: Eleven workers died in a fire that broke out in a bachelor accommodation in Naif area, Deira. "

why say workers? why not just people? just because they were workers makes the loss of lives any lesser?

Editor - sorry to be off topic

City the Best said...

Berbatov is a fool for going to United. In a year City will be the best club in the world , lets see how much he loves playing for United then......

And money is everything in the football world, and City will show that money will bring the best players to them and they will dominate world football for years to come !

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

I agree. I'm confused by this 'money is not everything' argument. The best clubs are the best because they have deep enough pockets to buy the best players. It's really not that complicated.

The thing with City is that top players are still not sure how serious they are.. and this whole 'Arabs buying club' business could make a few players uneasy. I think once the first season with Abu Dhabi United Group's ownership rolls, others will be knocking on City's door while they pick and choose.

Money makes the world go round.. and round Utd no less :)

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Anonymous said...

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