28 September, 2008

Problems with Publishing Blogs

Do you guys face a problem when trying to publish a blog? It takes a few days to get an article published sometimes and others its on the spot. The only way to check if the blog is not erased / lost is to go the Dashboard area and look for it in the edit section. How do you fix this problem?


Lirun said...

havent had that problem and i publish almost everyday

Nature Strikes Back said...

Once you've posted go to your blog and press Ctrl F5

That usually refreshes and updates the page immediately.

Danny said...

^ exactly. ctrl+F5 does it... i just discovered that trick recently.

anyway, blogger used to always show the latest published version of the blog. dunno what happened wrong.

Veiled Muslimah said...

I would have that problem too, actually still do but I got used to it. This is something where Wordpress has more power over blogger, but overall I still prefer blogger.

Anyway, thanks for the tips guys, I never new the ctrl f5 trick, will try it out next time i publish. :)

BuJassem said...

i used to get the problem 10% of the time with my old blog..

i noticed this happened when i saved a half-post as a draft and went to publish it later when i had time to finish it. so why not check the date/time when u publish it, or if it happens, copy/paste the txt into a new post and publish it immediately after deleting the old "draft".

good luck

nzm said...

It's been a problem with Blogger for the past week.

It was driving me nuts. I couldn't change my posts from Draft to Publish and whole posts would seemingly disappear, only to reappear again after searching for them in either the Drafts, Scheduled or Published list options available on the Edit Posts page.

See here and here and here for Blogger Help.

Recommended fix is to clear your browser cache as well as your Blogger cookie if clearing just the cache doesn't work.

This worked for me after I was experiencing a lot of these issues all last week.

Anonymous said...

has anyone else had problems with typepad? for the last few weeks i can't get any typepad blogs to load on my home computer via etisalat -- though at my office (in a free zone) they all work fine. is some sort of block in place?

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