28 September, 2008


I know there are several readers who reside in the heart of Abu Dhabi city, as I do. Many know of both mine & my husbands love of our Harley Davidson bikes. We pay for underground parking at Madinat Zayed Municipal car park, as do many other residents of the area. Someone it seems, doesn't like our bikes as they caused malicious damage - by means of an intentionally inflicted scratch - on the petrol tank of my husband's Softail Custom, whilst it was parked in the above mentioned car park.

I know it doesn't look much or 'that big a deal' in the photos, but to see it on the tank is blatantly obvious that someone intended to leave their 'signature'.

I'll offer a four figure sum as a reward for anyone who can give me information that will lead to a successful prosecution.

Many thanks



Mars said...

if there's cameras in the car park...try to get footage from the last time you left it there till the time you came to your bike.

BuJassem said...

oh the bastards! i hate it when this happens.. i hope my mighty 125cc yamaha hasn't suffered the same fate when i get back from holiday!

i hope you guys find the criminal.. and teach him a lesson.. harleys have intricate paint jobs so it's very annoying when this happens.

btw on a separate thread, what do u think of biking in the uae? i'm thinking of getting a ducati or kawasaki.. a nice weekend bike.. is it worth it or will the bike melt by july?

and did u manage to get to salala?

Jayne said...

mars - there are cameras in the car park, which surprise surprise, don't friggin work.

buj - if I find the you-know-what, he'll have to pay for a complete new paint job, which will include the tins (fenders) as well, because you can't match the paintwork in the UAE, so it has to be done in the USA.
What do I think of biking here? Hmmmm, I love it! If it weren't for morons driving cars I'd be even happier! Seriously, the roads are built for biking. If you were thinking about getting a decent sized Kwaka or Ducati for speed, I'd think again. A weekend bike, just to get out & about is truly wonderful & I'd encourage anyone to do it, irrespective of make. (Don't quote me on that Buj, I'm an out & out Harley wench OK?!)

I didn't manage to get to Salalah. Grandma (my motherbylaw) was too ill & passed away about the time we should've been there. (But thank you for asking :-))

BuJassem said...

Jayne.. thanks for that.. and sorry about your Grandma (in law).. she's in a better place now. No traffic jams!

As for biking.. well i am keen on the "sport" in the uk but wondering of safety (or lack of) implications here.. plus why not ride it to commute in the winter months? bas i think it will be more like a death wish and it's more suited for trips to oman, hatta, etc.. not city riding.

To be honest i am not a fan of speed but a decent bike (600cc and above) has amazing handling and acceleration and that's what makes it fun. I'd go with an unfaired bike and thus not the best for speed. So let's see.. thanks for the feedback.

Is yours a full blown 1200cc'er? wow.. have fun with that, they sound awesome.. but maybe too big for me.. plus my dad doesn't own an oilfield yet.. however i can sympathise.. and i hope you catch this moron and make him pay.. why not send him to guanatanamo after he is done with your usa paint job? surely it will be a good finale :)

Neel the DarkRanger said...

What good are the damned CCTVs if they aren't functioning? I suggest you take that issus up with the management of that car park. Blasphemy of security!

Jay said...

you know if this was in US, you'd probably been able to sue the car park and they'd end up paying for damages.

Abu Dhabi Blogger said...

I hope you catch the (*&^% who did it. This is absolutely unacceptable behaviour and to be honest, not exactly an everyday event in Abu Dhabi. I love this city for its degree of tolerance because everyone is from a different part of the world. Sad that there are pathetic morons even in Abu Dhabi who have a flair for vandalism.

Jayne's Hubby said...


Both our bikes are 1600cc, the softail is a dream in town traffic but the glide is too big to handle except on long roads.

If you want a town bike have alook at the 880cc sportster from harley. Its small in size, nifty in traffic and has incredible acceleration.

Dubai Entrepreneur said...


You might want to be specific about the actual reward? Though, in all honesty, I very much doubt this forum will get you any closer to the culprit.

bujassem, I've been looking into bikes recently. The Kawasaki Ninja 650R is on the top of my list of potential bikes. Ducati's are too hardcore for me, but if you're into that then of course!

My understanding about Harleys is that they are air-cooled, which doesn't make them best for our kind of climate. They're also not exactly the most up-to-date in terms of technology. I think people who own Harleys are those who have been riders for a long time and like to collect classics. Not me. I just want to have a little fun and maybe avoid a bit of traffic.

Cars suck.

Jayne said...

neel the darkranger - when asked about the cctv, the shrug of the shoulders & downturned mouth, plus outstretched arms are apparently the answer.............apathy in matters like this are rife.

jay - if only we had that kind of law here.....Nubs would be getting the order for a paint job pretty darn quick!

dubai entrepreneur - to the best of my knowledge, the V-rod is well advanced technologically (<- big word for me!) The average age of a Harley rider is somminc like 47 :-) (a wee bit old for Buj!) Tallulah, my 'UltraGlide, is without doubt a real bitch to handle in town, but is awesome for touring. I'll be getting the TriGlide (trike) in Feb (inshallah) yay!

BuJassem said...

hello hello Jayne's Hubby :)
Seems you're both set on me getting a Harley!
Who is their dealer here in UAE? Any good for after sales service?

I didn't know you can get upto 1600 cc!! man, these things are monsters. However on the plus side if you get a harley then people can FEEL you approach, so it's a good safety feature. however i think i should wear some kinda high visibility clothing for here.. but who knows if it makes a difference.

hello DE,

i'm lookin at bikes coz i just bought two bikes this year (in london) and wondering how reasonable it is to get one here. i call them my congestion busting machines! they are the best.

btw, the ninja is an amazing sports bike but not too good on the commuting coz of the seating position,, you will crack ur back plus no storage space. the fairing on it will get you to 200kmh with ease though :)

did you get your license yet?

also btw, ducati as well as harleys (to my knowledge) are air cooled.. which is ok i guess for europe.. but you're right,,, i should look at a japanese coz they tend to be liquid cooled 4-in line and thus better for this heat.

i am seriously considering buying a honda CB600F Hornet.. very nifty in town and super reliable.. and 600cc never lets you down on power....unless you're Rossi or some other nut


BuJassem said...

oh please don't buy a green ninja.. it's so loud! mind you the colour here could save your life coz it's more visible hehe

Terrified of Nothing said...

I'm sorry about your bike - it's completely senseless... however...

I wish keying was a little more common place here. It's social checks and balances for not parking like a retard, as so many here do. Back home, if I parked across lines at a crowded mall, there would be a price to pay.

I appreciate that, and miss it. Not that I'm one to key a car, but you get my point.

Good luck in finding the hater that did this.


Anonymous said...

how come you havent upped your four figure reward to a five figure one and get yourself a kennel for the frikkin bike? pfft

Hubby said...

Anonymous, do you own a gold wing, a clapped out chopper and a car with dark tinted windows?

If so and you are the culprit and own up, I will give you a five figure reward and toss you in the kenel after I've broken every bone in your pathetic body.

Be a man and stop hiding behind dark windows and anonimity, you yellow oxygen thief

Anonymous said...

You know this isnt going to work. And for once I dnt have anything negative to say about a post on here. I drive around in a show car. I KNOW how it feels. Everytime a new show comes up I spend around 4000 to repaint panels that "interesting" people have scratched, sometimes by accident, but usually not.

Good luck, but there is absolutely NO way to find out who did this... Not unless someone in the lot actually saw, and can ID a person. And chances are that person who did see the doesnt want people knowing he was there... for whatever reason.

Time to sell tha worthless Hog and replace it for a Suzuki! Anyways, good luck.

Anonymous said...

@bujassem: you can even get a Boss Hoss in the UAE. Somewhat bigger than a Harley and much more powerful (much more expensive, unfortunately, too).

baha-man said...

I think both jane and her hubby need kennels of their own, reading this post of theirs made me belt out 'who let the dogs out!' cmon growl 4 me hubby hun

BuJassem said...

a blessing, suzukis are good but yamahas then hondas are superior!!!
ducatis are loads of fun, so are moto guzzis, trimphs etc...

thanks anon.. Boss Hoss is a new one to me.. but for me 600cc is good enough and 900cc is a MAX.. 1200 or 1600c is just too much.. it's a small car engine then!

thanks for the info though

Bridget Jones said...

BIT, LOL @ "And for once I dnt have anything negative to say about a post on here." You do make me laugh at times ha! ;)

Jayne, sorry to hear your news. Any luck yet with identifying the culprits?

BuJ, you're on a roll mate! ;)

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