29 October, 2008


I couldn't access google.com a while back and now I can't access google.com/ig either.....wonder what Etisalat is upto!!!


Seabee said...

I had the same problem earlier, couldn't get into any google, but it seems to be OK now.

Anonymous said...

www.dailystrength.org is blocked as well.

Seabee said...

I've changed my mind about saying it's OK now. I can get into google but all sorts of other completely innocent sites are being blocked.

samuraisam said...

Someone told me about this on the phone 10 minutes ago; it's already fixed, it is quite probably unrelated to Etisalat. Websites do actually go down sometimes.

Anonymous said...

i still cannot access any blog built on typepad from my home (etisalat) connection. going on for weeks now. has anyone else had this problem?

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