22 October, 2008

Camel milk chocolate anyone?

"Chocolate lovers could not get their hands off the trays filled with camel milk chocolates at the world launch that took place on Wednesday at the Madinat Al Saalam in Dubai on Wednesday" From here

Has anybody tried these yet? Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

i felt sorry for you so i am going to comment.

so yea...camel milk is interesting...they are targeting tourists mainly and I'd like to give it a try

rosh said...

hahaha! thank you! :)

Am getting myself some :) Do you know anyone who've tried it?

i*maginate said...

Haven't tried the chocos but I once ran into a guy who was singing the praises of camel milk, claiming it had saved his mum from breast cancer...

It's a great, marketable product because of its health benefits. Vitamin D, I think. (The men love it for different reasons lol)

rosh said...

lol i*, am sure men do, haha!

Mme Cyn said...

Well, that's one choc I won't be buying.... I find camel milk disgusting, personally. Dude on the radio was talking about it being a luxury product -- surely it's more of a tourist gimmick?

rosh said...

Well, I suppose, it's gotta be better than the "Cat Coffee". You know, coffee made from droppings of a palm civet - highly coveted & expensive :)

I've never tried Camel milk or Chocolate made from it. Just curious, that's all.

i*maginate said...

Dude on the radio > one who got fired?

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