04 October, 2008

Dubai to export oil east of Hormuz

This story (not wholly original) made me wonder what oil Dubai would be sending out via Fujairah. I also wondered whether ADNOC would be signing up to this particular plan given that Abu Dhabi has announced its own ambitions to do this and would not need to go via Dubai to circumnavigate the Iranian choke point.


DUBAI (Dow Jones)--Arab policy makers in the Persian Gulf are turning to eccentric plans in their quest for an alternative shipping route for about a fifth of the world's oil transported through the Strait of Hormuz.
Dubai, home of the Middle East's largest-container port within the Gulf, is the latest Arab sheikdom to study projects to bypass the Hormuz shipping lane that's vulnerable to Iranian attack.
According to a senior Dubai government official, planners have proposed building a giant canal across the desert that could handle the huge oil tankers and freight ships that currntly sail through Hormuz.

original article here


samuraisam said...

Hi Nik,
No need to quote the entire article, I've shortened it down and placed a link to the original article.

Kyle said...

This is just great news!

No, seriously!

First they built an island(s) in the sea and created an ecological disaster for marine life!

And now they're planning on building a canal right through the desert.

Do these people even realize that if embark on this ridiculous project, they'd be cutting right through their own heart(s), or do they not consider that the desert, after all, is a part of their heritage!

It just struck me!

The prelude to the art of war, it's gettin' absurd with each new day!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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