29 October, 2008

What's going on at Dubai Eye?

Apart from the excellent Business Breakfast and evening business show, every time I tune in to Dubai Eye radio they're playing repeats of old programmes.

Or "recaps" as they call them.

I've seen no news about it and the website gives no information. Not that that's unusual for Dubai, most websites are years out of date.

The site does say that they're in the process of improving transmission (long overdue in my opinion) and they're experiencing a few technical difficulties.

But that's quite different from programmes and presenters disappearing.

Anyone in the know who can enlighten us?


Anonymous said...

The Dubai Today presenters are travelling and that's why they are playing repeats. That's the only show that is doing so currently. Other shows such as Business Tonight, Nightline etc are on as usual.

Talha said...

hmmm.... last time around 2 speakeasy hosts oddly vanished after announcing that one of them was off on a trip to europe to see a barbra streisand concert....

well this time dubai today [formerly speak easy] hosts Jessica and Akhtar have gone MIA.... lets hopes Jessica's "media conference" and Akhtar's trip to London are just temporary :)

Seabee said...

Anon it's more than just the one show. Every time I switched on today after Business Breakfast, throughout the day and right up until 8pm, they were playing 'highlights' or 'recaps' of previous shows.

Anonymous said...

The day before the live speakeasy show stopped, Akhtar Khan sounded like he was subtly pushing the Dubai Government to reverse the no-villa-sharing policy of the Dubai Municipality. The next day there was about an hour of live speakeasy and then Jessica Swan said they all had to go to an important meeting. I haven't heard anything since. Maybe Mr Khan's comments are coincidental but I thought at the time of hearing them, that he was skating on thin ice.

Talha said...

its all good :) dubai today was back on air today.

B.D. said...

I find Akhtar Khan and his posh accent really annoying, but I also sympathize with both he and Jessica as I know they have to tiptoe around and brown nose to avoid offending anyone who matters. It would be a ten times better show if the fetters could be taken off.

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree with BD's comment here. Mr. Khan has been very polite in his talk in the shows that I have listened to and he speaks like very decent gentleman. I am a great fan of him and I know so many people in the UAE who regularly listen to his show on Dubai eye.His accent is really superb,and there is no doubt in that. Please don't mislead the public by writing such fake blogs.

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