23 October, 2008

National ID Card

News Title: "Card fees to generate Dh120m"

Dubai: The UAE government is spending $55 million on cutting-edge technology to implement the national ID system and is expected to generate an income of about Dh120 million from card fees by the end of this year, an official confirmed on Wednesday.

Business establishments in the UAE are highly encouraged to register their employees, as getting the all-in-one identity card, which will eventually work as a driving licence, passport and labour, residency, health and ATM card or e-wallet, will help them cut expenditures on acquiring staff's numerous IDs.

The technology being used to implement the identity cards will also offer other financial benefits, as it will plug the security loopholes in the banking system, which was recently plagued by fraudulent transactions, according to engineer Thamer Rashid Al Qasemi, planning director of the Emirates Identity Authority.


So far, the UAE has already registered 610,000 residents, 95 per cent of which are nationals. About 600,000 more, which include 350,000 expatriate professionals, are expected to enlist before the December 31, 2008 deadline.

The identity card costs Dh100 for nationals for five years, Dh100 for expatriates for one year and Dh50 for children under 15 years, regardless of nationality. In the case of expatriates, however, the fee has to be paid for the duration of the residence visa.

Given that 1.2 million residents are expected to register before this year's deadline, Al Qasemi said the issuance of cards will generate an income of about Dh120 million or more.

"Looking at the return, the income we get out of this registration process is really not comparable to the operational cost. The ID card itself costs about Dh35 to Dh45. This is the direct cost of the card. And we only give it to children for Dh50," Al Qasemi told Gulf News.

link to source Gulf News

News Title: "Identity cards needed by end of the year"

Professional expatriates who do not obtain the new identity card by the end of the year may face a suspension in transactions and dealing with governmental and semi-governmental bodies, said a senior official at the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA).

Darwish Ahmad Al Zarouni, Director General of EIDA, told Gulf News that the authority is under discussion with relevant government bodies to consider suspending some service to professional expatriates. "Services we are looking at suspending will include driving licence renewals and renewal of vehicle registration," said Al Zarouni.

The deadline to register for the card for professional expatriates and all nationals is December 31 2008.

The authority defines professionals as holders of bachelor degrees or higher qualifications. They also include: consultants, medical doctors, engineers, journalists, teachers, IT professionals and accountants. Blue collar workers will be given until the end of 2010 to register for the card.

However, the suspension of services by next January will be applied to all UAE nationals who have not obtained identity card. Bank transactions will also be suspended for Emiratis, according to Al Zarouni.

Earlier on Tuesday, Thamer Rashed Al Qasemi, Planning Director at the authority, said in a press gathering that expatriates will face a suspension in bank transactions and all governmental services if they do not obtain the cards by the end of the year.

"A circular has been sent two months ago from the UAE Central bank to banks informing them not to provide any services for Emiratis and professional expatriates who do not produce the card as identification," said Al Qasemi.

Applicants can fill in the registration form at www.emiratesid.ae and print it out to submit it at any of the 24 registration centres in the country. Customers without access to the internet can approach typing centres at the registration centres to prepare the application forms. To find out the locations and opening times of the centres and documents required visit the website or call the EIDA call centre at 600 523 432. – Gulf News '

link to source UAEinteract.com

I hope these articles serve as news/a reminder to those who qualify for the ID card.

I find it a bit confusing to see Gulf News be quoted by UAEinteract.com when GN titles their article on the same subject in a very different way than UAEinteract.com, known as "The Official Website", casts its news.

It's a case of "Card fees to generate Dh120m" vs. "Identity cards needed by end of the year"


Keefieboy said...

Passport,Driving Licence, ATM card,ID and other stuff all in one?! Steal my entire identity now, why don't you? And given that every single expat already has a passport as ID, how does this benefit anybody? Apart from raising more revenue for the government.

And I suspect Al Zarouni is being disingenuous when he says each card costs 35-45 Dhs. If that's really true, the ID authority are being ripped off big-time.

This sucks.

Someone in Al Ain said...

Even though , still lots of places cant read the card and are not able to use in the banks!!

samuraisam said...

people: I am out of the country for a few days so comment moderation may take a little time; any admins who feel like donating time to publish comments thank you.

Anonymous said...

Is this necessary for resident expats of Sharjah? I hear conflicting stories.

Anonymous said...

Euuugh. I've been putting this off for agess. Mainly because I have to wear an abbaya and sheila. LEAVE ME ALONE I DON'T WANT TO. DON'T TELL ME HOW DRESS.

> : (

Abu Dhabi Blogger said...

It would have been better if EIDA's website actually worked. Secondly, I don't see the need for this given that we have our labour cards, driving licenses and passports.

Anonymous said...

EIDA registration couters are accepting only applicants with prior appointment and appointment is full for the time being. How they think to have 600,000 id cards issued by two months with very limited facility and a broken website. More over the procedure is so confusing and all employees have to spend their valued time which eventually effects the productivity. is there some one to think about these things?

Anonymous said...

Once again someone has come up with an idea without thinking about the whole picture. Salik was the first step to try and improve the system and now the ID card is introduced. Salik has certainly not improved the road system and for many Salik is just another financial burden, now the ID card will probably become another disaster which was created to “Improve” the system.
Having tried to register online for nearly 2 hours and also phone the call centre on 600523432 I am under the impression that little thought has actually gone into the implementation of such a card or am I looking at the wrong web site www.emiratesid.ae. I am sure there and thousands of Nationals and Expatriates who would like to know how we are expected to register.
30 year UAE expat

Anonymous said...

The public spokesman for the ID Project is beginning to sound more and more like an RTA spokesperson !

Today, he justified placing ads since June in Arabic newspapers only as "Arabic is the official language of the UAE".

Obviously Arabic is the official language, but maybe placing ads in English papers wouldnt have been such a bad idea given that 80% of expats are likely to read them....

Or maybe such a close deadline was necessary to ensure many unregistered residents whow ould subsequently bring millions in fines for not registering in time?

Anonymous said...

whining again? Don't you guys have anything else to do?

Proud Emirati said...

What are those lies of trying to register for 2 hours or appointments being full ? I've just registered and found a appointment on the 23rd of November. Am gonna cancel it so just in case someone wants to register.

Online registration wasn't even available when we first issued our cards, so stop the bull and start appreciating !

Anonymous said...

why ist it not possible to send the ID,s from one family, who applied at the same time, by IMPOST for one charge, I think no body can understand it only taking of money!!
I paied for 5 Persons but I got it all at the same time, additional I ,m not allowed to pick it up my self?!

Anonymous said...

why impost costs are for every one 20DHS, but it will be delivered at the same time for all family? additionaly we can not pick it up ourself?
someone in al ain

Anonymous said...

The authories must make the site secure as a lot of information will be available to wrong hands if the site is hacked. It must be made clear that the cost of the card must be taken by the employer and not the employee as the employer does not have to make the work permitt, health card etc in future.
There must be some cost benefit to the otherside also or else it is just to rip-off the expats.

Anonymous said...

Once again a scheme that has not been thought through. Someone obtained an the form from the post office for AED 40. When I went to return it at the post office, I was told that my form has already been registered on the system. I had to obtain another one. However they did not have any which meant I could not register. Next I tried to download the form but have not even get onto the website.

So far I have wasted about 2 hours of my time and have not achieved anything.

Anonymous said...

People can now download the national id application forms from this website: http://theychat.com/uaeid/

Anonymous said...

also for those who want it urgently- provide separate and immediate appointment dates for extra urgent fees of dhs 100.
there is gread demand for mobile service for all mobile service is fully bookd and not easily avaialbe.
eida shuld increase number of mobile units.
also for those with egate- let them be issued with immediate id card based on finger prints and photos avaialabe with egates

Anonymous said...

anyone knows or even send me a map going to Al Ain registration center. I've got an appointment thre on feb 5th. coz dubai is full..Im from Bur dubai going to Al Ain. cheers! email: manny19a@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain how to renew the natianal ID card. Do we have to stand in line or take appointment? Is there a seperate counter for this?

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