22 October, 2008

"Woman helps boy pay blood money"

"Ajman: An Emirati woman from Al Ain had donated Dh70,000 as part of blood money in order to help end the ordeal of a Pakistani teenager who ran over his neighbour's child.

The toddler died and police told the teenager, who was driving his father's car at the time of the incident, that he had to pay the blood money.

Hussain, a 14-year-old Pakistani boy has been in Ajman Central Jail for around four months after his attempt to drive ended in tragedy with the death of the two-year-old Yemeni girl near the Al Shula Club in Ajman.

Police told Gulf News that the boy was released on bail but will be detained again if he did not pay the victim's family Dh200,000 as blood money.

The decision to impose the payment of blood money on the young offender was taken by the court, he said.

Humanitarian reasons

The fine was decided by the court for Dh100,000 because the victim is a female. "We bailed the boy for humanitarian reasons. He received aid from an Emirati well-wisher from Al Ain who donated Dh70,000 for him," police said. A police official said the boy came from a poor family and could not raise the needed money.

Police added that if the boy did not pay the rest of the amount - Dh30,000 - he will be put back in jail.

Police said the teenager drove away in his father's car when he (father) was sleeping. As he ventured onto a road in the locality the little girl happened to be playing outside her house in the same area, when the accident occurred. The toddler was killed instantly.

Hussain was bailed recently when he paid part of the blood money which he received as donation. "If a teenager drives a car without the knowledge of the owner, the responsibility will be on the youngster," said an official."

Police said if the teenager had been allowed to drive the car by the owner of the car, then both of them would be held equally liable."



Harsha said...

The fine was decided by the court for Dh100,000 because the victim is a female

Anonymous said...

stupid kid....he should be thrown in jail for 10 years + blood money

Keefieboy said...

I wonder how many people are stuck in jail forever because they cannot pay diya?

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that parents will be rewarded for their ignorance.

Parents that let their toddlers play on the road, are one better than ones that let their kids rid in the car without seat belts.

Dubai Photo Story said...

Yeah....what got my attention was that the fine was 100,000 cos the victim was a female.

Having said that hats off to the local. At least some of the whiners MAY change thier opinion of locals.

Editor said...

One young life wasted, why waste another?
Is good to read that people like that Emirati woman still exist.

kaya said...

They were poor, and they had a car, which the teenager drove. Was it the first time he took that car out.
Yes its tragic, but the boy should be made to spend time in jail. How else will he learn his lesson? Manslaughter cannot just be deleted because of blood money payment.
It is indeed very kind of the lady
but even with diya, a mandatory period of imprisonment should exist.

Tainted Female said...

Harsha, that's about the only line that stuck out in my head while reading this as well.


I thought Dubai was all for equal rights, etc?

hemlock said...

kaya: isnt the guilt of havin someone's blood on your hands punishment enough? this boy will have to live with that for the rest of his life.
jail or no jail, sounds like torture enough to me.

kaya said...

Sorry to disagree hemlock. But not everyone has that level of understanding.
Surely he knew he was doing the wrong thing when he took the car out. The consequences of doing something wrong didn't stop him then.
Or did his father never tell him that there is such a thing as a drivers license, and when he is older he can drive.
You are thinking from your point of view as a sensitive person who is horriefied by the tragic loss of a life and the need to save the other.
But there are certain types of people from a certain social strata, and thats where you get the gangsta boys.
Still you see it your way and I see it mine.

i*maginate said...

Whilst I agree with some of the comments, a point that caught my eye is the last line in the article, which is a bit confusing. I recall a case where a European in Dubai was held liable when somebody borrowed his car keys to "get something out of the car" and drove off with the car without his knowlege(after leaving a bar), ultimately writing it off whilst under the influence. This is in contradiction with the last line in the article...

As far as I know, the law states that if anybody drives a car and is not the owner, the owner is jointly liable for any consequences.

This applies to hotel valets as well - always ask if they have a license (you may be surprised to find some don't!) and demand to see it. Best, just park your own car because the liabilty is shared by the owner of the car!

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong...

Just be careful out there!

Kyle said...

Interesting debate.

Especially the couple of comments that highlight the flaw from a gender angle. Would the presence of an Emirati judge (preferably female) on this specific roster resulted in a (more) sensible judgment? I don't know but at least it would have served two purposes;

1) to make it known what drives them on issues of a sensitive nature.

2) to allay any fears that women (citizens & residents) may have pertaining to equal rights in the UAE.

No disrespect intended with what I'm about to write below. It may also sound easier said than done but it's worth a try.

Two choices that family that lost their 2 year old girl have;

1) to take the money and fight to have that 14 year old boy serve time in a prison. This would mean they would be bogged down with guilt all their lives.


2) to forgive him thus lessening their own burden of grief from this precious loss of life. This would also speed-up their own healing process.

kaya said...

@ Kyle
I read what you wrote, and I was thinking.
When you lose your child to an act of god or a faceless abductor, there is anger but no one to physically blame.
Can one forgive someone who has caused the death of a loved one, even as a mistake. A mistake is one thing and being reckless is another.
The speed demons who on a daily basis skip lights at junctions.
Can I find it in my heart to forgive someone who killed my child.
I cannot. Forgive me. I am really not so big hearted.

Kyle said...


I understand where you're coming from and believe me, I admire your honesty in holding your stead, as much as I respect those that endorse forgiveness.

No hard feelings, none!

You take care :)

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