28 October, 2008

chiller again

Last August I blogged about the latest fashion of landlords, which is charging imaginary fees of all kinds - including chiller charges - in order to make up for the money they "lose" through the rent cap.

Well, since then, seems like the chiller thing has somewhat become of an epidemic. However, here is the good news for all of you. This issue has been raised to the rent committee and the landlords and real estate agents have LOST this case.
Basically the law says, that your tenancy agreement must be renewed exactly as it is. If it is not renewed as it is (except for the legal rent increase) - then it is not considered a renewal.
In my friend's case, Rocky Real Estate tried to play very smart. They issued a new tenancy contract - but besides that also issued a separate invoice to all tenants in those buildings worth in average 12000 AED per apartment. Here's the trick: Rocky refused to sign the tenancy contracts of anyone who did not pay them the "other fees", they also refused to accept the Cheques for the tenancy agreement renewal. By doing this, they could claim, that the tenants did not pay their rent and would hence try to kick them out the flats. RIDICULOUS.
Anyway, if any of you has to struggle with their landlord/real estate agent about such charges, please head straight to the rent committee. Rocky gave this statement: "If we invoice 100 apartments the extra fees, less than 10% will complain to the rent committee, so we still make our money".
Please pass on this info to your friends and blog readers.


EyeOnDubai said...

Very interesting! Do you have a case reference or official source for this? - my landlord is trying to do exactly the same thing.

www.hallodubai.com said...

this is the law. if you call the rent committee up they will even explain it to you on the phone.

Anonymous said...

These rouge real estate agents should be expelled, to bring stability into Dubai. The 'reverse effect' is on the way, and the tidings of rockys of this world, will be coming to an end !!!

clayfuture said...

Are you talking about the sharjah rent committee? If yes, then can you provide the number pls? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Not surprised.... We have chiller fees, parking fees, lift maintenance fees etc etc...and we simply do not have a say in all this !!

www.hallodubai.com said...

@ clayfuture
i was refering to the rent committee in Dubai. However, I don't see why it should be any different in Sharjah. Just call up the municipality in Sharjah.

i*maginate said...

Vielen Dank for sharing your views. expatwoman.com is a good source for this kind of info.

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