15 October, 2008

A look at the new Terminal 3

Inside Terminal 3

Got this forwarded to me... its a look inside the new Terminal 3 building.

Has anybody flown through it yet? Think they'll avoid the recent fiasco at Heathrow's Terminal 5?


Anonymous said...

Flew from Terminal 3 on its very first morning of operation -- it was pristine.

Acres of marble flooring, no one wrapped in blankets and sleeping on the floor, lots of helpful Duty Free staff.

The main pathway is a bit narrow and will be more so when filled with passengers but overall it's lovely. The Emirates lounges are massive and sparkling as well.

Hopefully no more 45-minute bus rides when your plane is parked off-site in Sharjah!

Emoxaph said...

havent flown through it...but just went under the arrivals area...and gotta admit man! IT WAZ AMAZING! i so wanna go inside now!

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