09 September, 2005

The Sheikhs of South Park

Anyone seen these ads for Air Arabia? (Click the image for a bigger version).

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I'm guessing from left-to-right:

1. Oman
2. Egypt
3. Dubai
4. Kuwait
5. Morocco (?)
6. Turkey? Iran? India/A Sikh?!


mercy said...

does anyone know what agency did the campaign?

pixelsonic said...

On the potitive side it's interestingly witty and funny but a big negative for the blatant rip off factor (not that that's anything new in the Middle East media sector).

I will try to find out who did it and post it here in the next day or so.

pixelsonic said...

Just look ed thorugh their website...very well excecuted, and I have to say that the look of the ads, although derivative, fits in with their intended brand image very well and should also appeal to the target audience. Wish I had worked on their account myself actually!

pixelsonic said...

p.s. the agency is Flip Media

Publius said...

If someone didn't much like Flip Media or AirArabia, they'd drop an email to Trey Parker or Matt Stone...

On the other hand, I smile every time I see them.

i know what you did last summer said...

it wasnt Flip Media ..

Flip Media just did the interactive on the web.

The agency that was responsible for this 'brilliant' piece of creative rip off was 'Face to Face'

pixelsonic said...

I stand corrected...the website is much better than the ad campaign anyway :)

PS I have nothing to do with Flip Media, I just can appreciate good creative work from a competitor

secretdubai said...

Amusingly, one of the ad mags has slagged off Flip for ripping off SP for the ads - not even bothering to check their facts first. Cue very angry letters probably.

i know who did what this summer said...

secret dubai !!!

are you serious about flip being slagged ??

haha .. can you please please please tell me which mag it was! i sure want to myself a copy!


moryarti said...

Its this week's Campaign Middle East - Last page (the spin)

moryarti said...

By the way .. the first middle eastern hijack of south park was a bit over 5 years ago by a gang of Kuwaiti tv producers. It was called Block13, its was a show that made fun of various social issues in the Kuwaiti community.

It broke taboos and talked about corruption, lack of proper schooling, income gaps, politics, discrimantion... all sort of things people didn't dare talk about in public.

The show was a major hit with the Khaleeji audience and ran for about 4 seasons. It also featured major comedy talents and celebs from Kuwait and the GCC.

It became a phenomenon(the same way Pokémon or the ninja turtles did at one point :P )

Ironically, the show was a victim of its own success. Its hilarious slapstick satire comedy wasn't enough to make up the fact that it was a 100% RIP OFF.

I believe the production company (Farroha Media Productions)was sued and i am not sure if it still exists.

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