21 December, 2007

50 Cent, Watch Yourself at the Airport

This post might come off as prejudicial, but I'm just hoping we don't have to read about another Western celebrity of dubious repute being accosted at the Dubai airport. I don't have a bleeding heart for these brat celebrities, but these zero tolerance drug policies are just way off the mark. There are much more serious things which really impact the lives of innocent people here, that ought to be prosecuted much more seriously than they are--like labor abuse issues, sex abuse crimes, road rage, etc. It's just plain stupid that they round up people at the airport for having microscopic traces of chemical substances either on or in their person. Those who promote such arrests may think they are upholding the highest standards of decency but they are just being hypocrites and going after easy targets. What about tackling the real crime and issues that take place on the home turf?

So, please be careful 50 Cent!


Jim said...

Finger corssed 50 doesn't try and GO! above the law...

Time will tell! Maybe he'll be called 50 fils in the UAE?

We'd like to mention this blog in a post over at GO! Smell the flowers where we've 20 writers from all over the world. Is this OK?


DUBAI JAZZ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DUBAI JAZZ said...

Maybe 50 cent's prophecy will come true in Dubai airport:

girl, it's easy to love me now,
would you love me if i was down? and out?
would you still have love for me?

I hope not, of course.
On a side note though, 50 cents has hit the nail on the head with these words. Very true and full of wisdom!

DUBAI JAZZ said...

If I got locked up and sentenced to a quarter century,
Could I count on you to be there to support me mentally?

rosh said...

true that!

B.D. said...

We'd like to mention this blog in a post over at GO! Smell the flowers where we've 20 writers from all over the world. Is this OK?

GO! for it. Clever blog title.

Jim said...

Ok great - we'll post about this within the next week, between xmas and New Year! GO! Smell the flowers is alos the title of the book we're publishing in 2008 and we're planning a big Dubai launch in 12 months time!!

Smell the flowers anytime and keep up the great work here!

UmmeAaiman said...

I completely agree.... they (the cops) should look at the more serious issues affecting the lives of people living in the UAE rather than smelling the breath and doing blood tests on a freak rapper who has possibly every toxic substance in his blood.. (I'm not against 50 cents or anything.... or any celeb... I'm just being real... we all know what their lives are like... its all show of happiness on the outside and strange dilemas within)

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