28 December, 2007

Benazir Bhutto 1953 - 2007

Benazir Bhutto was murdered today. Whether you liked her or hated her I wanted to publish a few words to remember her and to detest the cowardly act of murder.

No human has the right to decide when another human is to die.

May she be remembered for her good deeds.

Inna lillah wa inna ilayhi raji3oon


BuJ said...

PS: A few web links for the interesteD:

BBC Obituary
Her life in pictures
Her last moments in pictures
BuJ Al Arab

DUBAI JAZZ said...


rosh said...

Such terrible sensless tragedy! May her soul rest in peace

moviemania said...

Allah yer7amha.. I never really hated or liked her, but it was such a shock to hear that she was so brutally murdered.

hemlock said...

lives of millions of people were affected by her when she was ruling for four-five years.
may she be remembered for her good deeds, but may the brutalities and injusticies that happened during her tenure not be ignored either.

having a former head of state taken out like this means they will never be held accountable for misuse of power and the corruption that went on during their times. which is a tragedy. everything now will get swept under the carpet and she will be known as a martyr.

it is indeed sad things happened they way they did.

Seabee said...

It's a sad fact that pointless killings will continue, BuJ, because the world is full of lunatics. I despair that it will ever change.

Kyle said...

Hemlock, hogwash is all I can say to all that you’ve written.

Nobody deserves to die like this especially a woman who also happens to be someone's wife, mother, sister, aunt, etc.

As for your ‘accountability’ issue, the whole world will be watching to see when you’ll commence similar proceedings against Sharif before he’s taken out like this.

Let’s see what’ll be the outcome of your accountability proceedings then!

Saudi Bridget said...

Yes It was shocking to see that news and very sad at the same time. I think she was a very strong and brave woman to be able to do what she did in a Man world.

Bridget Jones said...

Sad times for Pakistan, let's hope the country can survive this. Interesting points raised Hemlock.. and Kyle! Thanks for raising this Buj.

Bridget Jones said...

Oh, welcome by the way, "Saudi" Bridget! Good to see Dubai's Own Bridget Jones is inspiring other chicks on blogosphere, albeit unacknowledged, ha!

I also blog under 'Sheherazade, 1001 Nights', 'Heidi, the lil Swiss Orphan', 'Joan of Arc, French heroine' and 'Dubai's Own Lady Di'.. in case anyone else wishes to 'get creative' with my blog names... ha! ;)

Almulhama said...
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hemlock said...

the thirty two people who have died since were also brothers, fathers, uncles, sons to many. the 150 people who died when benazir stepped into karachi all had families that have now been torn apart.
i dont understand why you seem to have taken a personal offence especially since i never suggested her murder was a good idea. i would rather all of pakistan's politicians were brought to the courts.
when you bcome a public figure, you go beyond being a "mother, sister, daughter..." the bhuttos have lost one family member every 10 years... (the father, two brothers, and now BB) that's the price they have paid for being in power. it's the price they thought was worth paying.

being in politics has always been more important to them than playing :house:

people let emotion wash over reason. typical.

Al Mulhama, The Inspired said...

Kyle, Hemlock didn't say that Benazir Bhutto deserved to die this way, he said that the way she died absolves her of her responsibilities and she will be thought of as a martyr.

I respect that she was a dynamic, strong, charismatic woman who was a leader, I respect that.

But it is quite unfortunate that those who feel wronged by her will not see justice in it's rightful way.

Reminds me of the Absolute wrong 'timing' of the execution of a bloodthirsty tyrant, he was made into an innocent lamb who was taken to slaughter increasing faction unrest in a country already seething and boiling under the surface due to many intereference from a lot of external parties just waiting for the fall to dig in.

Kyle said...

i would rather all of pakistan's politicians were brought to the courts.

Hemlock, does this mean, any one of these days we'd see a court session incriminating Sharif & Musharaf for crimes against humanity?

Or, just because their clans report to the Saudis absolves them of any wrongdoing?

No, I wouldn't look to her as a martyr but as a woman that was brutally murdered in a senseless power game disguised with religion.

Lirun said...

very sad indeed

hemlock said...

almulhama: thanks for saying that better than i did. on a separate note, hemlock is a she :D

kyle: does this mean, any one of these days we'd see a court session incriminating Sharif & Musharaf for crimes against humanity?
not any sooner than you would see bush. who absolved NS/PM of anything?

Kyle said...

And don't forget the major power brokers; The House of Saud along with Dubya!

MD said...

I agree with Hemlock, nevertheless I was shocked and sad at her death. More than anyone else, I hope God gives patience to her kids to deal with this loss.

Lirun said...

however appointing her 19 yo son as the new party leader? that is mad.. what if he is elected? will paksitan have a 19 year old prime minister?

MD said...

lirun, he cannot be an active part of Pakistani politics until he is 21. He will continue his studies and the party will be handled by his father, Asif Zardari. As for the PM candidate, their party (PPP) has chosen Makhdoom Amin Fahim (a senior party member)--which is a wise choice. Zardari cannot lead because of his history in corruption. And Bilawal is too young; so Makhdoom is the obvious choice and a die-hard Benazir supporter.

hemlock said...

BB's son being "chosen" as party leader is as crazy as it gets. where is the "democracy" in all of this? benazir "willed" for her son to be appointed chairperson - suggesting no one in the party itself is fit enough to "lead"... and the 19 year old boy who was 10 when he left pakistan understands the affairs of the country better.

shoot me now.

hemlock said...

also, i dont think he can be appointed prime minister until he is at least 25.

Lirun said...

thanks md

Anonymous said...

Islam was never an intolerant religion, why we muslims have become intolerant to such an extent that we don't hesitate to kill anyone who dares to challenge us or our beliefs?

This is really bad. The people who are supposed to guide us the ordinary muslims, some of them are busy tarnishing the peaceful image of Islam while the rest of them are mere spectators, hardly doing anything to educate people about the real islam.

May Allah guide us & them to His right path. And may Allah have mercy on her soul & give patience to her kids.

MD said...

I don't see anything wrong in appointing Bilawal. It is only fair. Her brothers ran away to Afghanistan after Zulfi was executed and it was Benazir who faced the detention and arrests for five years and it was her to led the Bhutto brigade instead of allowing it to be buried in history. For her son to take over her legacy, is only fair. None of the other family members faced the persecution and she is rightfully the one to decide who to pass the mantle to. The sons never did anything so why should they get anything 'automatically' just because they were born with a dick and theoretically, carry the family name forward?

hemlock said...

the woman who was fighting for "democracy" leaves an heir to the "people's party", passing on the title of chairperson as if it's bilawal's hereditary right.
had he been elected by the members of the party, it wouldve been a different thing altogether.
but leaving the party leadership in a hand-written will, she's also suggested no one else in the party is fit to carry on the torch, and that her son who knows nothing about pakistan / pakistani politics will lead the nation forward.

the same son who believes his father was done "great injustice", whereas the world knows zardari as "mr 10%".
while yer at it, chk out the following link corruption charges
considering the mass support the Pakistan People's Party has, the chairperson of the party should not be someone with a particular surname, it should be someone who is ELECTED by the party members. zardari / and or his son may not be fit to take that role, and it shouldnt be handed to them in a plate. that's not democracy, it's akin to monarchy. i thought BB died for democracy. except that's not what she "willed" for her own party. now im REALLY confused.
a case of "do as i say, not as i do" perhaps?

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