23 December, 2007

Extreme Inspiration - Adrian Hayes

I think a lot of you guys will be aware of this, however I really wanted to bring it to the fore again.

Right now, today, there is a team of people walking / skiing unaided to the South Pole. That's a huge task - less than 100 people have done this ever. One of the members of the team is Adrian Hayes. He's also walked to the North Pole and climbed Everest.

If they make it to the South Pole, sometime in the next 7 to 8 days (we hope) - he will be one of only 15 people ever to have managed to do the 3 (North, South and Everest) Poles.

Adrian lives in Dubai.

They are going through a tough time out there - you can send messages of support through their website.

I don't know Adrian, HalfManHalfBeer mentioned him at some point, but I've become obsessed with hoping they make it to the Pole. As he's a Dubai resident - hopefuly this community can help cheer them on....

Adrian Hayes


DUBAI JAZZ said...

There is an Indian chap who's supposed to set out on a trek toward the North Pole soon from Norway.

He was mentored by Adrian, and he also lives in Dubai.

Let's wish them good luck, they need it...

MD said...

That's great! Good luck to both of them!

i*maginate said...

Good luck, Adrian et al!

rosh said...

Good luck Adrian! Safe returns.

halfmanhalfbeer said...

Chaps, you can send Adrian greetings and best wishes to his iridium phone by clicking the link on this page. They have only one or two days to go and are within 30kms of the south pole. It is an incredible achievement.


Saudi Bridget said...

That is just amazing.. I wish them luck..

DXBluey said...


Amazing and incredible. What an awesome expidition. I can't get my head around just how hard that must have been. Please check out the trip log at www.adrianhayes.com

Stunning achievement.

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