04 December, 2007

Quiz Time

I'm thinking of running a competition; how long will DJ Grooverider spend in jail?

Will he do a 'Dallas Austin' and be out within hours or will they throw the book at him?

Answers on a postcard please.


Seabee said...

It'll be an interesting comment on UAE/US vs UAE/UK politics won't it.

Maybe if Mr Grooverider's name was London Birmingham he'd be treated the same as Dallas Austin?

Kyle said...

I don’t know what went down in the Dallas Austin case but with this Grooverider guy’s date with the law here, I’d hold the organizers responsible.

First, they should have screened the guy’s records before signing him up for a gig.

Second, they should have sent him through his agents, a list of what’s permissible versus prohibited, dos and don’ts etc.

Seriously, what kind of a person would carry porno DVDs in this age of VPN? The dope, I’d understand he needed, as brain food – WTF? Does this guy need to be wired to get a kick?

After sorting out the Gillian episode in Sudan, the Home Office would be like ‘seriously, we need to beam out to our citizens to cool down’.

Gillian was innocent. This so-called gravy train groovy rider deserves a kick on his ass!

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