11 December, 2007

Honesty Isn't the Best Policy

According to WAM...

"WAM WAM Dubai, Dec. 11th, 2007 (WAM) - Minister of Social Affairs Maryam Al Roumi has constituted a committee assigned with investigating local media reports claiming that a member of UAE Human Rights Association (HRA) wrote negative reports about the country and disseminated them to foreign organisation. The Committee is headed by the Ministry's Under Secretary Abdullah Rashid Al Suweidi.

The Minister asked the Committee to submit a detailed report of its findings no later than December 16th.

"The Social Affairs Ministry is keen on helping Non-Government Organisations in achieving their objectives of serving the community. At the same time, it is keen on preserving the social security enjoyed in the UAE, thanks to our wise leadership which seeks to provide justice to citizens and residents alike," Al Roumi said.


She added that the UAE leadership would not hesitate to take stringent measures against anyone attempting to tarnish the country's image.

"The law forbids NGOs from carrying out any activities other than those defined in their by-laws," said Al Roumi.

The Ministry summoned HRA Chairman Abdul Ghafar Hussein for discussion. His answers will be investigated by the committee.

Earlier, the Ministry informed the HRA Chairman that the Association's General Assembly was the only authority to decide on the resignation of its board members. It asked the board to call for an extraordinary meeting of the general assembly to decide on the resignation and to elect a new board within one month from the date of notification."



Proud Emirati said...
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Proud Emirati said...

yep, the one who wrote those reports and sent them to foreign organization is an inch away from being a traitor. I don't have a problem with writing negative reports, no one does. So what u have bold is misinterpreted. What he should've done is to give those reports to the local authorities to make them aware of such problem instead of sending them abroad.

You can see from my blog that am no where near being a censorship guy.

elcondo said...

Of course, proud emirati. I've lived here 18 years, I should know that. Anyone who speaks the truth is a traitor.

(This is irrespective of what he actually said. I haven't read the report--please understand this is a generalisation--one of those useful ones.)

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