17 December, 2007


...enters the American lexicon via the U.S. military.

When I hear someone in Dubai say enshallah to a request, the response often is no enshallah.

And when someone says "after tomorrow" what do they mean?


the real nick said...

I presume 'inshallah' is a preempitve exoneration of one's utter incompetence and failings.

Apart from the obvious obstacle to finshing a task because of sudden death, there's nothing God has to do with time management.

It gets my goat everytime I hear this.

Same with 'boukra, boukra' and 'chalta hai'

Get a fucking filofax and start time planning!

rosh said...

"And when someone says "after tomorrow" what do they mean?"

I'd think - the day after tomorrow? OR perhaps never.... because "tomorrow" never comes :)

DUBAI JAZZ said...

it's not John. it's "Inshallah"

If it is ever going to make it to the next edition of MW then you better get your act together and learn how to spell it!

MD said...

Actually, 'Enshallah' and 'Inshallah' are exchangeable. People use both spellings.

J. Edward Tremlett said...

You know, I often wondered what I, as a non-Muslim, should say when it became clear that 'Inshallah' was being used as 'yeah, maybe, i don't care.' I finally figured I really couldn't say anything without starting an argument.

I asked a Muslim colleague what he said in similar circumstances, and he said "I say 'God is always willing, but you have to help'"

Khaled-ad said...

All of u people think of Enshallah as a negative word. That's not true. Some people , even me, use it because we as muslim are supposed to say it whenever we are about to do something so that God will bliss us.

BuJ said...

brilliant :) thanks for sharing this!

Kim said...

I am not Muslim, but I LOVE that Muslim's pepper their speech and thoughts with the comment "God willing.." We all have something to learn from each other. I have learned from Muslims the importance of deferring to God as an active participant in life minute by minute.


Al-ain Rose said...

weird.. what's wrong with using "inshalla" while speaking ?
I ALWAYZ use it when I talk about a plan or about something I want to happen in the future .. I feel good when I say it, everything's under Alla's control.
I say it even when I say "see ya" to my friends .. like see ya inshalla ... :D

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