08 December, 2007

Protection against those rear bumper goons on the 311?

investorspot reports:
Toyota, no innovation wallflower, has come up with a safety feature that's sure to reduce whiplash injuries and maybe even save a few lives. It's called the Rear Pre-Crash Safety System. A radar system, installed in the rear bumper, comes into play within a millimeter of the car behind when it's within two seconds of rear-ending you. It sets off your warning lights, tightens your seatbelts, and activates the pictured headrest, moving it forward to prevent your head from snapping back after collision. Toyota received an R&D safety award for this device, which is installed in the 2008 Lexus LS. Let's spread the wealth of safety.
Man, I'm not sure I want this technology in my car. It would be engaging all the time. And, yes, I do go at least 120 KPH on the 311.


B.D. said...

comes into play within a millimeter of the car behind when it's within two seconds of rear-ending you

one millimeter... two seconds... How can there be two seconds when a car is one millimeter away?

the real nick said...

Yes, that doesn't tally up.
At a travelling speed of 140km/h you cover in 2 seconds a distance of 77.78 metres, i.e. by Dubai standards the space occupied by 10 white Landcruisers on the 311.

This safety feature would never disengage whilst you live in Dubai!

DUBAI JAZZ said...

That's right Nick, it doesn't tally up. However, to calculate the active engaging distance for this feature (within the two seconds span) you have to deduct your own speed. In other words, if a car is approaching you with a speed of 140 kph, and your speed is 130 kph, then the actual approaching speed is 10 kph. Two seconds will cover 5.5 meters.

But still, it doesn't make a lot of sense, and it is going to be engaging all the time, even with span as limited as 5.5 meters!

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