27 December, 2007

Are you 'Superior'?

As you may or may not know, Etisalat has come out with a 4mbps internet package. It is priced at the non-bargain price of 449 AED / month and is titled as the 'Superior User' package.

All previous packages are still priced the same.

(I read about it first on tbreak.com but their site is down so no link)


Anonymous said...

Let's hope that they double our current speed for the same price, as they did once before!

Proud Emirati said...

yea, I hope

Seabee said...

Speed is the wrong word to use for what Etisalat gives us!

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Not interested in that 'superior user' thing, the loser package suits me fine.

Nadim said...

Why don't Etisalat specify the upload rates in their packages?

And what's this nonsense about a "new" offer of 4 hot spot hours? The old system gave us unlimited usage!

On a slightly separate note, Anyone else suffering from poor browsing performance for the last 2 or so months? They're denying it all, but I can confirm a few friends of mine have similar experiences.

Nature Strikes Back said...

Yep re browser. Sometimes reminds me of the early days when www meant world wide wait...

Aussie said...

We've got the 2mbps package and are thinking of dropping back to 1mb because we only get a good speed for a few hours a day. It works well between about 7am and 10am. After that it slows down markedly and by about 1 or 2pm it is so slow that it's virutally unusable.

Our calls to Etisalat haven't been fruitful. We're left wondering why we're paying for a speed that we don't actually get most of the time.

A 4mbps package? I wouldn't go there just yet!

secretdubai said...

I'd go with 4mbps for P2P. You probably won't feel it much for general http browsing, because of (1) the proxy servers, which are the main choke on UAE internet speeds (perceived and actual) and (2) because http browsing depends so much on remote server speeds, and popular sites clog up.

For P2P you may start to fly though. 4mbps means getting a movie down in well under an hour, assuming full rate.

You should also find it faster on sites such as YouTube, watching videos but particularly uploading them.

Of course in Japan/UK/Korea etc etc they're starting to hit 50mbps as standard, so put that in your shisha pipe and smoke it and weep :(

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