13 December, 2007

D1 flood

"The construction site of Dubai’s luxury residential tower D1 flooded this week after a sea wall collapsed.

The construction is located in Dubai’s Creek cultural and artistic district, built directly at the waterfront.

An eyewitness said: “Looking at the crane it seems as though the site is about 30 feet under water”.

It is believed that nobody was hurt.

A similar incident took place in February this year when the site of the Infinity Tower in Dubai’s Marina was inundated. A burst wall was also cause of the incident then. Consequently, the project had to be put on hold.

The D1 Tower, designed by Holford & Associates, is a twin tower to the world’s tallest residential tower, Q1, in Australia."



DUBAI JAZZ said...

Recovering the site is going to be hard but doable I believe. I am not sure how it is precisely done though. The simple logic is to shore up the bad part of the retaining/sea wall and then de-water.
Anyone care to expound upon the issue?
Thanks for posting Sam.

nzm said...

DJazz: I expect BuJ Al Arab will know how to do it. Hope that he chimes in!

B.D. said...

If Infinity is anything to go by it will take a very long time. It will soon be a year since the Infinity accident and they still seem to be having problems keeping water out of the site;

the real nick said...

sort of, but it's difficult to 'stitch up' the shoring. They'd probably end up having to shore the entire sea wall again with a second wall, and then de-water.

It's not the technicalities of doing this which delay projects in such a case.
I presume delays will happen because the collapse may be due to a major screw up of the specialist shoring subcontractor (unless it was a 'force majeur' natural disaster), and the effects on the main contract which will immediately set off a chain of legal proceedings.
It's a total nightmare for any client.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Thanks for the explanation Real Nick. You're right, sometimes the legalities are much more obtrusive than technicalities..

Reg said...

I am buying an apartment in the D1 Tower on the Sunland payment instalment plan. Will the payments be suspended until the building work re-commences?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened after the flood and the latest status of the Project?


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