27 May, 2008

2 new salik gates by September

"Dubai: New Salik toll gates will be installed at Al Maktoum Bridge and between the first and second interchange on Shaikh Zayed Road, Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced on Tuesday.

“The two new toll gates will be activated from September 9 as part of the second phase of Salik system,” said Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the RTA."

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i*maginate said...
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i*maginate said...

The gate on Maktoum Bridge I can understand will lead ppl to use Emirates Road, Shindagha Tunnel and the Floating Bridge more.

Installing Salik bet. 1st/2nd interchange will drive more ppl thru Jumeirah. (I don't know if the pun was intended lol.)

If it's clearly about revenue, I would say charge double on the existing gates and appease the people. The traffic situation will get even worse on 'tertiary' roads and other main routes with the introduction of these new gates.

cio said...

Mo Money, Mo problem :D

YAAY said...

The move to add 2 new gates would make sense if all available alternative routes were not so congested...BUT THEY ARE ALLREADY CONGESTED AND SHIEKH ZAYED ROAD IS CONGESTED EVEN WITH THE EXISTING SALIK GATE.

Building roads wont help...tax and whatever other plan they have under their sleeve wont make much of a difference.

They themselves admitted the new metro will only make a small difference.

Buses here are not exactly a viable option for most of us...its slow, inefficient and the weather is not exactly great and they get stuck in the same traffic we do in our everyday commute.

rosh said...

Mercifully introduce taxation, perhaps it's the decent thing to do! Enough with the sneaky stuff, and to think I believed in Salik.

Kyle said...

Ah, another fiat, supposedly to alleviate the mad rush :)

Stained said...

i*maginate....the gate on Maktoum bridge is ridiculous...you think people who can use the business bay bridge, emirates road or shindagha would want to come inside the city, get stuck in all that traffic just to cross the creek...you must be kidding me..people who need to use the bridge use it...and floating bridge is plain useless with all those signals required to pass to go to it and exit from it.

With a toll on Maktoum...all the roads leading away from Maktoum and the supposed emptier floating bridge will get further jammed. Don't these people see the jams that are around city center and Dnate.

The second toll on Safa is a plain money making idea. Basically to make those people who avoid the
Barsha toll to pay at the Safa toll. So in the end they'll use the tolls as there is a provision about being charged at only one toll on Shiekh Zayed on passing both or did I misinterpret what was said....

The busses are plain useless also as most of them crossing the creek pass city center which after the Salik on Maktoum will be jammed...

This will seriously make me re-consider getting a car after I hopefully get employed. Maybe I'll just get myself a cycle to cross the creek or maybe become one of those Legal car pool people...

This is yet another blow to the finances of people....why couldn't these people wait till next year...wait for the freaking metro..

Stained said...

"He said some motorists avoid crossing under Al Barsha gate by using internal roads that lead to congestions at Al Barsha and Al Sufouh areas and caused nuisance to residents in the area."

So when people use these internal roads to avoid Salik, aren't they just using alternative routes to reach there destination...

Then doesn't this contradict the above statement

"The study focused on the traffic jams at some major roads in Dubai and alternatives routes that can resolve this issue."

Do they think we're stupid...Won't the people who will now avoid the Maktoum Bridge toll create havoc for the people living n Deira. What will they do then for the nuisance created for these people. No wait, they don't matter, who cares about the old city anymore(Read: Satwa+bulldozers=No Satwa).

the real nick said...

a Dubai Genesis?

...And on the third day the Skeikh said "Fiat Salik" - et facta est Salik!

Anonymous said...

I have full faith in the RTA and Dubai Municipality to tackle the problem of traffic. In fact, they already implementing the solution: the demolition of Satwa.
Next, Deira is going to be demolished, in effect alleviating that nuisance of communter traffic. Sharjah after that, and voila' - no traffic!

Anonymous said...

Has work on the 'Itihad Road Improvement project' stopped ? Haven't seen any workers for some time now in the stretch between Al Mulla and Galadari underpasses.

commuter (whio stands by the roadside all day waiting for a bus) said...

From today's Khaleej Times:

'"The authority will launch 'Awsilni' service for RTA’s employees which features luxury buses with Internet services and attendance registration system," Al Tayer said.'

This is very important. This way, RTA employees never need to experience travel by Public Transport...which they're asking us to do (sorry, "forcing" us to do).

I call upon the Chairman of RTA to leave his personal vehicle at home, and go to work by Public Transport--starting today. And also to instruct all RTA employees to travel only by Public Transport. Let's see if he can keep it up for even a week. And let's see how many RTA employees get to work on time...and what they'll be talking about all day after that. I challenge you, Mr Al Tayer! Use the system you preside over!

alexander said...

Every day I drive to work from my mountain fastness in Sharjah. I take a sneaky little snicket through the sands to Dubai, avoiding all that horrible traffic.

What fills my evil old heart with glee every day is that two RTA cars are to be found taking the same short cut.

Even their own staff can't stand the consequences (or lack of them) of their work!!!


Grumpy Goat said...

The study also highlighted the success of the first phase in reducing traffic at toll areas by 25 per cent and lowered the duration of the journey on Shaikh Zayed Road by 50 per cent, while increasing the average speed from 40kmph to 80kmph

1. Where did the 25% go? Al Wasl Road, perhaps?

2. Increased speeds are due to Salik, not the upgrading of Garhoud Bridge from three to seven lanes. I'm glad that's fully explained.

David said...

Papers have quotes from people wholeheartedly supporting the new tolls; not everyone is stingy and/or whining about Salik :)

Ian Logan, 49, an Australian sales representative who regularly drives the length of Dubai on business, welcomed the tolls.

“I have no problem with it, whatsoever. With the expansion of infrastructure going on, the funding has to come from somewhere and I think it’s fair that some of it comes from road tolls.
Maha Obeid, 36, a public relations executive, said: “To be honest, I think it’s a very good idea because there’s so much traffic and congestion in this city and this could cut down on motorists who can’t afford the charges.

Anonymous said...

The Gulf News article in the link features the following quotes, followed by a slew of negative comments on their website:

"This will definitely be a big dent on our budget and add to the cost of living at a time when residents are already facing problems like price hike in food items and ever increasing house rents," said Mohammad Faisal, a motorist.

"The idea of controlling traffic congestion by introducing Salik is a little too early especially in the absence of a Metro and lack of public transport buses and taxis," said Abdullah Abdul Rahim, an Emirati.

Anonymous said...

At least reduce the pricing if you are going to have so many toll gates. Soon they will be planting the toll gates faster than trees at Shindagha, Jumeira or even one at your door step.

Or maybe this is their way of saying leave. Or we want only the rich and affluent here.

But then again having lived here for close to 30 years - and never believing for a moment that this was home, I am leaving the country and only happy to do so.

PS before anyone asks why I came here in the first place - my parents brought me here as a 3 month old - I didn't have a choice :)

Anonymous said...

You can leave now though.

Look, Gas here costs a buck 83ish for 95 octane, it costs 4 in the US, 7 in other places.

Food costs less here, even with 11% inflation, the cost to live here is still much lower than many many other places.

so the idea that the few AEDs taken as a toll are going to kill a budget is beyond funny.

cut out your starbucks latte. worthless over roasted coffee for 30 AED? plus it's bad for you.

Throw away your cigarettes, and become a vegetarian.

There, you not only made up the extra amount you'd be paying to salik but would be saving a bit AND prolonging your (probably) worthless life (mind you, this is to humanity in general, not to anyone one in particular)

People in the UAE, citizens and aliens alike, got way too used to living in a climate controlled bubble so to speak, and now that we are being susceptible and exposed to what the rest of the world is (climbing gas prices, real inflation, road tolls, and soon both a sales AND income tax) you're crying about it.

Welcome to the real world.

Stained said...

A Blessing in Tragedy....

woah...wait a minute...

you're talking about being welcome to the real world. So where are the equalities in salaries. Not everyone is paid exuberant amounts of money for paying off all the cost of inflation plus these extra costs.

I know families living in this country for 30 years. 10 years back they used to do there monthly shopping in mere AED400 when earning a salary of AED4000. Now they can't do the same shopping in AED1000 and get paid AED5500. Add this with the increase in rent prices by almost 400%, education fees and petrol. And these people have never gone to places like starbucks nor smoke. Where do you expect them to get the money to pay for salik now. So don't come here and talk about things you don't know anything about.

Anonymous said...

They cant afford it? they do what so many people in the world do when that happens. THEY MOVE.

I cant even count the numbers of people who had to, HAD TO, WERE FORCED TO by these same factors from say California to a god awful state like Ohio.

So why is this any different? Those people had also lived in AZ for 18 year. furthermore they were citizens of that very country.

So explain to me how oh how is this any different. you have external and internal factors that change and can change your situation.

If its you, go take a few courses, get a better education, so that you can make more. if you hold a master's degree and still are making not nearly as much as you think you are worth, then move.

It really is that simple. you want the best dont you? it's logical.

What inequalities in salaries? you explain to me how there are ANY inequalities and I'll give you the economics and finance educations you obviously never had.

If a person, lets call him X, makes 5,000 but another, lets call him Y makes 8,000 even though the ONLY difference is their (lets say) nationality, ceteris paribus, then guess what, this isnt inequality. its SUPPLY.

You hear alot of Supply and demand no? this is it at play. X probably comes from a place where, A. even his crappy 5000 a month is more than he would be making in his home country, and B, and more importantly, comes from a place where he is easily EXPENDABLE. if X doesnt like it there are hords of other Xs to take his place.

Fair? maybe not. Douchy? yeah, should it be stopped? sure. Can it be? no.

Scenario 2 would be if the difference between X and Y was education (for example) in this case this is a matter of DEMAND. the employer needs Y more than X, and thus will pay him more.

Scenario 3. Z is a citizen of the country in question and is paid a fixed percentage more than either X or Y.

This is a government subsidy. in the UAE if you are Emarati and work for a government or semi-government company/entity/organization your salary is subsidies. and why shouldnt it be? a Government's role (among many) is to provide for its citizens) Both X and Y cant be angry that Z is given a right (just like healthcare or education) by his government, they should be angry that their own governments do not do the same.

So, where is the inequality?

You cant demand less government intrusion but then demand it chime in when it suits you.

Stained said...

I'm talking about the inequalities in such situations where X who cannot be easily replaced [read: highly experienced and extremely efficient] by anyone else is paid almost half the amount of money paid to Y who has just joined the company who infact can easily be replaced (by anyone) even though they are employed at the same level just because he hold a passport from those supposedly better developed western countries.

Leave...no ones talking about leaving here. We love this country that's why we live here. The only complain is that they need to plan better. As I said earlier, why not wait for the metro though now I have my reservations about that also as it might be priced much higher than afordable. They seem to never see the darker side of the rules they implement. This country has developed with a lot of help from thousands of expats unlike any other country. Atleast they can do is to provide alternatives to these people so they may live peacefully. These people have always been happy with their simple life, don't steal that from them also....

Anonymous said...

Once again, you arent understanding, X is easily replaceable because although he may hold the best education and work ethic, there are one BILLION more where he came from, and 1/5 of them are more then willing to replace him.

And the employed knows that.

Y cannot be as easily replaced because although he may only have a fraction of the education and expertise, there are very few people waiting in line to replace him.

You need to offer John more to get him out of London than Kumar out of Delhi.

Now, if your question is why does the employer want John so badly even though Kumar is better suited?

Simple. I (as the company's consumer) can understand John alot better than Kumar. that is enough (if their cost accounting is decent) to warrant the difference.

"These people have always been happy with their simple life"

Oh? So you're God now and everyone is beneath you? and who are "these simple people" you speak of?

You're pretty full of yourself.

Life isnt simple, and it gets more complicated my the second. Like I said, I have seen people live in Abu Dhabi HAVE to move to Sharjah because it's (supposedly) cheaper. Also seen this happen in the US. you cant afford it, that isnt mine, or the government's fault.

Get a better (yes, even better) education, learn a new skill, go job hunting, or move... or prostitution (I dont know)

A side note, your Avatar, is that your car?

Stained said...

I am among those simple people who were happy with just being able to make ends meet...Life was pretty simple about 10 years back.

I repeat..X cannot be easily replaced as he has reached a position in the company where the system cannot function without his expertise (as for example he has built the system himself) while Y is just a person who has joined the company so can be easily replaced...simple....when they get the same salary, it is inequality in my opinion especially when X makes more effort than Y creating more utility for the company.

No that is not my car...just a car I like.

Anonymous said...

just making up the expences of dubai metro project... there are thousands of car getting registered in dubai every day what about it??? then for must will be traffic on the roads where are these all cars gonna go dubai don't got that roads to handle thses heavy traffic even though they are gonna put these new toll gates why don't the rta do something abt the parking space instead of making toll gates..

Anti Taxation said...

Why pay?

I have been through to Dubai from Abu Dhabi on 3 occasions in the past year without a salik tag, twice because the filling staions didn't have any to sell me and the third time because the RTA are too incompetant to inform anyone not from Dubai that they need a copy of their registration (which I didn't have).

I have not received one fine :D

Lirun said...

do they gates at least charge electronically? or does everyone have to stop?

Anonymous said...

That scenario can only happen (and has) in one situation, that Y, is in-fact a new addition to the company BUT brings with him an amazing education, unmatched knowhow, and years of experience.

In that case Y not only should e paid as X but probably more.

a 30 year old degree and experience isnt enough stay competitive to a company anymore. and if "the system" would truly fall apart without X, she should resign, because if that is the case, the company would do what it takes to keep him.

So once gain, how is his anyone's fault but X's and how is this inequality?

Ah, so we should have frozen time 10 years ago?

the real nick said...

Lirun, we are being shafted electronically.

i*maginate said...


if opinions didn't matter, you wouldn't be responding to them.

*absurdity check*

vimal said...

My two fil worth..
Old expats are unhappy that the savings they made earlier can no longer be possible.
New expats are unhappy with quality of life with traffic and rent woes.
All expats in general and trying to garner the few extra dirhams to make it worthwhile living in a desert.
Yet everyone who lives here is trying to count plusses more than minnuses.
Lets not forget that many many expats are investing real estate in the country.
So paying salik to use the wonderful roads here should not be such a big issue.In india we pay tax and nothing gets built.Here at at least,the govt is working.
Shame on us!!!
Come on we expats have become a spoilt bunch of people whining at the smallest instance.

vimal said...

My two fil worth..
Old expats are unhappy that the savings they made earlier can no longer be possible.
New expats are unhappy with quality of life with traffic and rent woes.
All expats in general and trying to garner the few extra dirhams to make it worthwhile living in a desert.
Yet everyone who lives here is trying to count plusses more than minnuses.
Lets not forget that many many expats are investing real estate in the country.
So paying salik to use the wonderful roads here should not be such a big issue.In india we pay tax and nothing gets built.Here at at least,the govt is working.
Shame on us!!!
Come on we expats have become a spoilt bunch of people whining at the smallest instance.

vimal said...

My two fil worth..
Old expats are unhappy that the savings they made earlier can no longer be possible.
New expats are unhappy with quality of life with traffic and rent woes.
All expats in general and trying to garner the few extra dirhams to make it worthwhile living in a desert.
Yet everyone who lives here is trying to count plusses more than minnuses.
Lets not forget that many many expats are investing real estate in the country.
So paying salik to use the wonderful roads here should not be such a big issue.In india we pay tax and nothing gets built.Here at at least,the govt is working.
Shame on us!!!
Come on we expats have become a spoilt bunch of people whining at the smallest instance.

Anonymous said...

if opinions didn't matter, you wouldn't be responding to them.

It's called being off from work for 5 days because of a chronic illness and being bored. also, I like messing with people's minds, a VERY easy task given what I have to work with *points at you*

i*maginate said...

matshoof shar ya blessing...

Lirun said...

what a shame.. electronic payment would make it so much fairer and also not cause traffic jams.. it also impacts the wear and tear of vehicles as well as pollution (noise and air)

Anonymous said...

god bless your sick overworked little mind, blessing. what sort of chronic mental illness is it ? a break from algebra might help.

luckyarcher said...

Oh dear, Mr blessing in tragedy has the right solution for everything. Can't afford the rent? move. Don't like your wife? Divorce. Don't like your job? why damn you, you stupid bugger - simply quit!

What the fuck is wrong with such algebraic people, if I may, is that everything in life to them can be mathematically expressed. If life would've been so easy, no one would be here in the sandlands in the first place, wisecrack.

Isn't it so easy to sit in the confines of your home and answer every problem by throwing out the very problem itself? Do you realise how fucking stupid and childish your great 'opinions' are?

Next time you find yourself disabled in accident - would you please chop off those legs of yours please - they do you and us no good, you simply move around on a wheelchair when you can simply not be an eyesore - in your own words, MOVE the fuck out.

Get my drift, wisecrack?

Anonymous said...

I think they should put a salik gate at every villa/building gate and forget zayed road...what do you think guys? should I email RTA "Roat Traffic Accident"? a better way to make money I think.

Anonymous said...

wow the comments seem to have gone seriously off topic ... well perhaps if Mr X and Mr Y ran the RTA they'd do a better job than Mr T!

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

a blessing in tragedy,

For some reason, I tend to agree with your general view of things this time (not to mention that your writing style is entertaining) :)

Now, I don't mind the Salik toll. Yeah, I don't enjoy adding an extra 300-400dhs to my monthly expenses, but I can see that there are a lot of projects going on and it makes sense to need to generate an income.

I don't appreciate the RTA's (and most other government agencies for that matter, Dubai Customs included) way of dealing with the public. They think we're stupid. We're not. Salik doesn't help with the congestion. It's a money generator and it's fine with me.

I wholeheartedly support the new SZR toll as well.

Oh, I quit smoking, so my cigarette budget is part-paying for the salik tolls.. sorry, can't quit the latte's :)

Anonymous said...

Expats are paying the salik for what!!? What changed? There is only more traffic and road accidents. Every time we are on the roads, we pray not to be crushed by a speeding truck or suv.

Proud Emirati said...

^^ Last time I checked Emiratis along with Expatriates pay for the salik and no it isn't the Emirati population which grow by 10% ever yearadding to the traffic.

rosh said...

I've got to agree with PE: everybody uses the fantastic roads of UAE, and had it free until Salilk.

My beef with Salik: it's not a traffic reducer, but a form of Tax.

johnny no stars said...

Thank the powers that be that I'm not concerned!

johnny no stars said...

'charge double on the existing gates and appease the people" ?!!

What are you getting a high on these days huh?

Anonymous said...

simple solution to all this Saliks on the bridges.....every expat/local take a bag of sand and dump it in the creek....no creek, no need for using bridges, no need to pay for salik...simple... ;) :P

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