04 May, 2008

You may kiss the bride

So I went that day to my friends majlis. One of them asked me if I've heard about this Emirati guy who married a famous model. I answered him that I don't and that it shouldn't be a big deal. He said that this dude wore the Kandura in his wedding and French kissed her in front the public and his picture is all over the media.

Just to go out my cave (lol @ i*maginate), I posted this topic in the most famous Emirati Financial Forum with an average of 3000 visitors at any given time. Btw, it has been locked and deleted there. Fortunately I saved it before that. It is in Arabic if anyone is interested, source1, source2 . I'll leave you with the most interesting comments, positive or negative !!

There is no strength nor power except Allah

- There are guys with Kanduras who steal, commit adultery, flirt .... and no one told them anything. "If it was bald, let it herd"

- May God bless us from these things

- Maybe he wants someone to sponsor him in 2040? He has a vision don't you think?

- We ask God for forgiveness, "if you are shameless, do whatever u want"

- May God guide him.

- It is true that there are Emiratis who steal and commit adultery but they cover themselves, unlike this man.

- Real men are died.

I guess am not the only one who is living in a cave. The ones who have no idea why there are such responses need to go out their caves too. Is he one of ur local friends Rosh? :P


Anonymous said...

what is wrong with this emarati guy? Are we western women monsters?
are we not worthly to be married with an emarati guy?
and he is kissing his wife, what is wrong whit this kiss?
Iam confuzed. She is just a model not a monster or a whore.
Perhaps she is very nice and a very good person, or perhaps she is muslima not wearing hiyab.
what is wrong?

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

What is wrong is that Gulf Arabs don't kiss their wives in public, let alone allow it to be made front page news.

Aside from that, he seems pretty happy. Good luck to him and his wife.

Proud Emirati said...

Don't get carried away anonymous @ 04 May, 2008 19:17.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get carried away brother but apart from a public kiss.... don't prejudice against western women, there are a lot of western muslimat not wearing hiyab and not muslimat but nice women even being westerns. Here in this article the main was not the kiss, it was an emarati man with his kandura marrying a western model.

Proud Emirati said...

^^ Are u drunk Rosh? What were u smoking? Get out the cave :P

Again I (or anyone) neither suggested that muslim women are good nor that western women are bad. No one was referring to his wife in the first place !!

If you know a model, please refer her to me. I want a wife. LOL !!

Dubai Entrepreneur got it right !!

rosh said...

OK! yaahi I don't drink or smoke, except for rare shisha - that said, it's Sunday morning, I just woke up :)

But seriously, my comment was in reference to the comments from fellow locals. I just happen to know many such folks, who let sentiments take over sensibility and roll out a comment with zero PC.

The fuss on the kiss - this marriage is a fusion of two cultures - the kiss is part of Western affection/joy. Am sure the wife has accepted Islam as her way of life perhaps.

I understand what you are saying, more so, given that Khaleejies are conservative in ways of life, so yup it's a bit of an awe & shock to some. That said, when you've got marriage between two cultures -new cultures evolve, sah?

rosh said...

hahaha PE: well you don't need me to find you a model (though I could sure some help :). You know, there are plenty of educated, wordly, smart - beautiful local women folk - am sure if you extend them the respect/freedoms/understanding and ways of life in today's world, you shall be very happy/content :)

Proud Emirati said...

^^ lol, I don't see any culture evolving. I only see a western guy wearing a kandoura :P

btw, I don't think any of their responses were referring to the women either. They were referring to how proud he was kissing his wife in public wearing the kandoura.

I don't think that I need to be lectured on how normal what he was doing. Because it isn't according to the UAE culture. I am aware of the other views about it !!

rosh said...

I feel bad for the newly weds. Much negative ado, as they commence a new life together - all because of kiss at their private wedding party - phew!

Anonymous said...

by the way, what I said about the prejudices about western women were not for proud emarati ;)
they were for the comments translated above the picture. Anyway.... some arab men don't know how to behave in front of western women and they prejudiced them... if you are a western woman they ask you for being friends imagining that just because they are western or blonde are easy to date or whores.... and they don't know if perhaps like me, being western and blonde Iam muslima. A hiyab or the color of the skin don't make the people or the soul.

CG said...

I am not so sure about this kiss thing. I mean look at him, he is either really uncomfortable or else he has no idea how to frenchie.
I just popped out of my cave to point that out.

CG said...

Hang about. Isn't he the Polo player?
aaaaaaaaaaah. expect anything from him then;)

Keefieboy said...

No. I won't do it. Not again. Oh, all right then. What is wrong with a husband kissing his wife? In public or anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure how to qualify the reactions to this story: ridiculous or funny....most probably largely exaggerated.

Perhaps I should send to the press some of my wedding photos back from 1998 in Abu Dhabi, into the Al Qubaisat tribe....we only missed the public kiss, but all else is there.
And I can assure that back at that time many dignified gentlemen from Ban Yas, Al Falahi, Al Falasi have seen me without shaila and abya and they were a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, but lately become common family friends....
I remember at the time the only confused one was the shaikh performing the wedding ceremony.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Marriage is a social institution. It's not an open-minded proposition. How will this couple fit within the local society's fabric? Don't get me wrong; he has the absolute freedom to marry whoever he mutually likes to. But I think he also has an uphill struggle to find the write balance between his community and his wife.

PE, will you be less angry with his had he not been wearing a kandora? (an honest question)

Proud Emirati said...

^^ Am not angry. He is the one that made fool of himself in front his community. It would look better if he wasn't wearing a kandoura though !

Anonymous said...

...here is a pic of him without his kandura :


regarding the balance between, I suppose they will either have life on their on or it won't last long.......

handsome couple, I must admit

Anonymous said...

PE, that's wrong "He is the one that made fool of himself in front his community. "....
Dubai become a third culture place over the last few years and such "foolishness" is in a way respectful act of commitment.
It will take some 50 years or so the trend to set in Abu Dhabi and close to never further than that.....

Anonymous said...

they look very happy togethir :-)

Anonymous said...

Remember Baker Bin Laden and Carmen???

Anonymous said...

maybe its because his mom is American he didn't find it odd to kiss the bride. No big deal as many said, she is his wife...many locals go around kissing girls who they are dating...so im suprised this was made into a big deal.

I just hope both of them are as beautiful inside as they are outside.

Proud Emirati said...

It is surprising how many of youlive in the UAE and yet know almost nothing about its people. Now, that's pathetic. The ones who were surprised by this reaction should go out their caves immediately :P

Anonymous said...


I checked it... very very handsome guy and surprisingly marrying a "monster" not a believer western woman wearing a short skirt.
nice guy!!!!!
a hiyab or a kandura don't make better or more religious the people, what it counts is the soul, and the only that can judge is Allah swt .... the other are just prejudices from arab men

Anonymous said...

"the other are just prejudices from arab men" living in caves ;)

bb said...

Someone issue a fatwa. quick.
(Oups already done around the 12th century. my bad.)

What about minding your own business and taking care of your own life for once?

Try to get your own wife without asking your mom, and no your sister and cousin don't count. Try a love marriage and I hope it will be out of your community for your kid's genes sake and a chance to open your mind.

For those who'd like to know more:

And for the love of god what does the kandura has to do with anything? Is the costume supposed to make you a better muslim? Am I forbidden to wear it if muslim I am not? Does wearing a kimono make you Japanese?

Kyle said...

Proud Emirati:

What exactly is your point in putting up this label?

To mock your own community?

If so, you and a few others are doing a great job while expats are jumping to defend one of your brethren. And no, not because he’s married an infidel but because he’s chosen a wiser path to happiness with a classy woman.

It’s a free world, Man, which means he’s free to marry a lush, drag, fairy queen or one of the most beautiful women on Earth – Jelena (a remake of Christy Turlington* in the wedding gown). At least, he’s got the balls to do it in style and not give a jack, what people think of him.

Handsome, elegant, & beautiful couple :)

*Look her up if you have the time. She’s taken though (by Ed Burns).

DUBAI JAZZ said...

What do you thing of interracial marriages? (i.e. a white guy marrying a black girl or a black guy marrying a white girl(s), or vice versa?)

Anonymous said...

Just found out shes a playboy model from her myspace.com. This is going to be a good one.

the real nick said...

Mabrook to the newlyweds, and F**k off you cavemen!

She seems to be Serbian? Slovakian? Let the races mix and mingle, as opposed to inbreeding.

Anonymous said...

I just love what i am seeing rigth now.Amazing
We muslims are advancing rapidly we are going liberal just mocking god always.
Whats next gays locals getting married in Dubai.lol

Anonymous said...

We muslims are advancing rapidly we are going liberal just mocking god always.
Whats next gays locals getting married in Dubai.lol

05 May, 2008 12:26

no dear
this has nothing to do with Islam
Iam muslima and western and worst of all Iam blonde and there are so many arabs costumes that has nothing to do with Islam, so don't mix this great religion with not islamic traditions. a muslim man can marry a non muslim woman, and this has nothing to do with gay marriage. You arabs sometimes are guilty to make this Great Religion seen with bad western eyes

Proud Emirati said...

^^ That really wasn't what the topic was about.

Rosh and Kyle, you are not getting the point here. I know how westerns and liberals think (this is the consequences of chatting with them for years :D) and I disagree with it ( when it comes to such topics). I knew exactly what kind of responses I would be getting here.

They always blabber on how tolerant understanding they are, Yet when they are put in our shoes they become as thick. What is worse is that they think that their views are superiors to ours. You can't have your cake and eat it too, you know, hehe.

This topic was created for one reason, which is to prove how many people have no clue about anything related to UAE people. It was my turn here to lecture them on how to be consistent with the religious, cultural, political and moral values of the United Arab Emirates. Go out ur cocoon people. :D

I agree with you Rosh that Emiratis are not doing enough to market their culture and interact with expatriates. That said, I believe that expatriates, at the end, should assimilate in the Emirati culture.

Proud Emirati said...

Anonymous @ 05 May, 2008 14:42. The ones irretated the most with Emirati guys marrying non-Emirati females are Emirati females but they never attach that with Islam because it is known by everyone that in Islam a muslim male can marry a non-muslim female. It is not uncommon for an Emirati male to marry an expatrite or a non-muslim so this is nothing new.

Anonymous said...

How do you get people to assimilate into a culture when the alternatives are more attractive?
Male-female interaction, alcohol, being able to show skin beyond that on hands and face, being able to freely the mechanisms behind relationships with people of the opposite sex. Non of these are comply with the Emiratu culture but people general find them the more attractive alternatives.

Anonymous said...

should read "freely discuss"

DxBianGirl said...

Way to go Proud Emarati for discussing this topic that did stir emotions among the local EMARATI population in the UAE.

Well, In Islam and In our Culture it is simply unacceptable. Whether you westerners (or whatever) are welling to understand our customs and traditions or not it is up to you. Just don't try to enforce your "CUTLURE" on ours.
If Saeed chose to marry whomever it is up to him, to kiss in public ok it is up to him to be doing it in a Kandora ..? I Don't see why he wanted to wear a kandoora??

PS. If an emarati dude/girl wana go clubbing in a kandora or an abyah they are not allowed for a reason.

So please respect our culture and traditions and stop attacking us for believing what we believe.. If you like to kiss and makeout in public it is up to you... but you have to understand where we come from.
It is totally unacceptable and offensive.

About her religion, Muslim man can marry Non-muslisms she doesnt have to convert unless she wants to.. and she clearly doesn't look like she is...I know a british married to a local guy now from 35+ and still she didn't convert!

It is not who she is people are angry about it is Just the stupid senesless act of Saeed wearing a kandora... This kandora means alot to us, 40 years back our grandfathers wore while fighting the heat of the desert trying to survive the harshest seasons without A/C! They even wore it while going for a trip to dive.. leaving away their family for months to earn a living.
So please spare us and don't tell us it is just a peice of fabric.. it means alot to us and you will not understand that unless you were US.

nisa said...

Salam :)

I know you guys love your wife. But I don't really need to see those physical affection going on between both of you. Why involve me in it, please guys. What's next.

I am not at all keen to see other couples kiss. Kindly, keep private things private. Other couples kiss too - your postman, that restaurant owner, the King. If everybody is doing it - perhaps by human nature competing heyy I can kiss even longer, better we're prettier couple than you - can you imagine the stress society will face to prove showmanship.


Lirun said...

im happy for him

Anonymous said...

ya dubaian girl
sister, dont mix customs with Islam.
and Iam amazed .... how easy you can recognize if somebody is muslim or not, Only allah guide whoever he want and only Allah know every heart, so , don't say if this girl or a person is muslim or not just watching a picture becuase judge in this way is a terrible sin, dear. Iam amazed how easy somepeople judge just because their skin or simple details. and If this handsome emarati guy choose a western woman and not an emarati girl, well dear this doesnt make this guy a monster, dont let your anger because of that make you forget that you are a muslima and you cannot judge other people because only Allah know what happen in every heart الله و رسوله اعلم فقت يا اختي

rosh said...

"Yet when they are put in our shoes they become as thick..... ."

PE: your so way off the mark - this isn't true.

Re: perceived religious, cultural, political and moral values of the United Arab Emirates. Truth is, like in every growing nation - there shall be the conservatives, the liberals and folks with a bit of both - meaning there is no single "defined" ways of life in any one nation. I realize the large majority in the UAE are conservative in ways of life, similar to you - that does not make a liberal Emirati who is different in his way of life, less Emirati.

From my lovely cocoon: all I see is a modern Emirati man, marry the love of his life, who happen to be from a separate culture. Their marriage is a mix of two cultures and it is depicted quite well in those photographs. You just need to open up your mind to see thru. So yeah, lecture all you want, doesn't change reality.

I respect what you say, and am thankful for this debate - however, do not understand why you seem to be on some sort of an expedition here?

rosh said...

"Well, In Islam and In our Culture it is simply unacceptable. Whether you westerners (or whatever) are welling to understand our customs and traditions or not it is up to you. Just don't try to enforce your "CUTLURE" on ours."

Am sorry girl - that’s just a bunch of bull, and you know it!

"If Saeed chose to marry whomever it is up to him, to kiss in public ok it is up to him to be doing it in a Kandora ..? I Don't see why he wanted to wear a kandoora??"

True that! you really cannot see beyond – and that is the short coming, I think.

This marriage is a mix of two cultures. The man married his wife – wearing his traditional attire, something he is quite proud of from his heritage. He bought his culture and sentiments to his wedding. It was important for him to do so – else he would have slipped into an Armani/Gucci –wouldn't you think?

Why you jump to a conclusion he shouldn't wear a Kandoora and kiss his wife at his private wedding is beyond me – 'cause who are you or society to tell someone what they should and should not do when it comes to something as personal as a wedding? Especially a wedding of two cultures?

It's sad really – you folks are quite quick to jump the gun and demean this man because he wore his cultural attire – something quite evidently he is proud off, and kissed his wife at his private wedding.

Much negativity/criticism when this young couple is to embark on a life together – now as far as I know, such sentiment isn't Emirati culture.

Anonymous said...

nothing wrong with a western woman .. but this girl is a freak and she's a freaking hot to ..lol


Sugar-Free Sweetie said...

woooow....this discussion is heating-up...
First...something a little off-topic....ya people here really know very little about the native people of this land....multiple people asked me at work if I have a boyfriend...at times I wonder are they serious about it or just being stupid for the sake of being stupid....

Second....nothing about this guy seems local...he's married to a non-local girl....in a non-local custom...husbands don't make out with their wives in public, let alone publish pics of doing so in a high cerculated magazine...the background seems like they are standing outside of a church....there are no first dances in our weddings....the only cultural thing about this wedding is the kandora....as we interpret it here from this picture is that he is saying that I am representing when he is obviously not....he might as well have worn a suit and completed the whole transformation....I think I wouldn't have really cared that much if he really did...

and about the girl....no one really cares....its the guy we're really concerned about here...she's hardly part of the whole arguement...

and for anonymous 15:04...if someone is screaming from roof-top saying that they are part of a certain religion, do u still want us to not affliate him/her with it....dxbian girl wasn't assuming that they may end up in hell or heaven....but if someone drinks, wears skimpy clothes and still calls themselves a Muslim, then I do have a problem with that because Islam is there...concrete...you either practice it the way it should be practiced or you don't....again the issue of representing...don't say you are when you're not.

This is as clear as I can get....if you don't understand the point then atleast respect it...this is culturally shocking for us for the reasons mentioned above....so stop defending the guy when you don't even understand where we're coming from...


Anonymous said...

hmmmm too much anger from dubaian women, and it is not about Islam, a kandura, customs or anything
ya girls, the point is that a handsome a nice emararti guy chose a non emarati girl , and worst of all .. she is soooo beautiful
well girls 0-emarati girls 1-western girls
this is the real point of the topic, too much women defending emarati culture and customs!!!!!!!!

rosh said...

SFS: pardon, I am extending my views on this topic. It by no means is an enforcement of beliefs onto you or your culture. Minus the caveman/cocoon talk - am sure people respect/understand each other's views, for the most part.

DxBianGirl said...

++ Anonymous 15:04
True I shouldn't have jumped to conclusion. Clearly you didn't read my comment properly. I was just replying to the comments above whom pointed out that when a MUSLIM marry a nonmuslim she converts and becomes muslim. That is not always true... :) Please I kindly ask you not to jump to assumptions!!! I never said I'm angry because he chose to marry a westerner?! It is his choice afterall.
I'm just expressing my offence and shock as an Emarati (not speaking for the whole community here) for wearing kandora...

+++ Rosh,, What's the bunch of bull? That is is unacceptable to kiss your wife in public?! How is it a bunch of bull? If it is bunch of bull than do you mean it is acceptable? how is it? please elaborate? and when I said whether a westerner would understand that or not,,They don't have to approve or agree :)We all have our beliefs at the end of the day.

@ the end of the day I really couldn't care less who marries who .. Seeing him kissing wearing a kandora to me is offensive, as to many people of my community who expressed the same thing. We cannot really debate about it, you cannot reason with someone who find something offensive and try to make it unoffensive thats all..
Kandora to many of us is not just a traditional ATTIRE..it holds much more meaning to it perhaps you wouldn't understand (I'm not trying to underestimate you here it is just you wouldn't understand the value it is unless you know it)
We have an arabic saying, that says if you don't know someone/ thing you will not value it/him/her.. cos it simply means nothing... I'm not trying by all mean to scold someone for his/her personal choice..
Again, there is a reason for banning Kandoras in Bars/clubs/pubs because a kandora not a fashion statement or just a "traditional attire". :)

"This marriage is a mix of two cultures. The man married his wife – wearing his traditional attire, something he is quite proud of from his heritage. He bought his culture and sentiments to his wedding. It was important for him to do so – else he would have slipped into an Armani/Gucci –wouldn't you think?"
Could be true, but this doesn't make it less offensive to us thats all :)

At the end of the day.. he is married.. hopefully happily married :)

+++ SugarFree..
Yeah true, I get this question alot to haa do you have a boyfriend ahhhhhhh ahhh?!?!?!? With huge big fat smile on their faces lol!
Good observations and points..Your thoughts reflect mine as well :) I so know what you mean!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

my worse half often gos to a belly dance nigh clubs in his finest kadouras...since many years. I occasionally follow him in my abyah to spy ....and you know what....all the Lebanese nigh clubs are full of covered in abyah women...many of them Emirati....and many of them arrive after 2.30 am...guess why...what those respectfully dressed local gentlemen and ladies are commuting at night???.... so this shallow explanations about the dress code doesn't count...maybe you are impersonating some local patriot, but most properly you are not...

Anonymous said...

Rosh.....most of our people do not think or can see this way....not yet...i am an exception with my people.....my words are similar to yours. our culture is beautiful however we are also bound by aged old traditions which is part of our culture. but this will change with time, it will not remain same for many years. story in this post is a beginning. but you mist give people time to come with terms and change....it cannot be instant like dubai's change

sugar freesweetie..... to say it is culturally shocking for all of us is not true...this has happened before, ok maybe not photographs....and will happen agin in future... maybe more cases....like saeed we have many halflings in our midst. please do not be naive about boyfriends. i think you know what happens in this country. we all like to potray our culture is conservative.... many of us are...not all of us....we know male locals have girl friends....the difference, expat girl friends go out during day in malls....local girl friend meet him behind tinted car windows in silent neighbourhoods.

anonymous....we do not to keep scores....all woemn in love are beautiful no child talk please :-D

Keefieboy said...


This kandora means alot to us, 40 years back our grandfathers wore while fighting the heat of the desert trying to survive the harshest seasons without A/C! They even wore it while going for a trip to dive.. leaving away their family for months to earn a living.

Yeah, forty years ago my dad was wearing sweaty navy blue shorts down a coalmine in Yorkshire. I still have them and wear them every day. So revere me!

There's major hypocrisy going on in the UAE. I remember visiting the Jumeirah Mosque a few years ago: part of the Sh Mo thingy for Cultural Understanding (don't say I never tried). Somebody asked our male guide about kissing/holding hands in public, and he said it was because if you were out with your girlfriend, you didn't want to be seen to be too close because somebody else might see you and you'd be in trouble. The western audience were all a bit surprised by this and he said 'yeah, of course, All Emirati men have many girlfriends'. Make of it what you will.

Editor said...

Congratulations to the handsome, elegant, & beautiful couple!
I wish them long happy life together and many children to please them.

To every one else, I would kindly suggest to grow up and face the fact that the world become one huge village where everything is possible.

Proud Emirati said...

Wow, thank you for the support Dxbiangirl , nisa and Sugar-Free Sweetie. I am telling you that we will always be living in a cave, unless our views become as identical as theirs.

Keefieboy, I never had a girlfriend, does that make me one of them too? Those westerns were surprised because they only interact with Emiratis who look like them.

dxbiangirl said...

+++ Anonymous
"maybe you are impersonating some local patriot"
Like who?! What are you trying to proof here with your lame assumption!!!!
I'm not trying to copy anyone here. I'm here to comment on a topic and express my thoughts you don't have to agree ;)

Not every person who wears an Abyah is a local ok... Lol.. Perhaps you see such ppl in the cheap clubs you go to.. :P

And If the image above is offensive to me, I have the right to speak up and express myself... You don't have to agree!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

PE it is not a war them vs us/ us vs them, it is not necessary to use the word support brother.
What I didn´t like was how easy some people mix Islam with arabs customs. If you talk about only customs it is ok, but not ok when you mix both, specialy talking about the comments translated by you in the post anyway everybody can do whatever they want and nobody can judge anybody, it is better and more peacefully.
It is not a war and it is not necessary to collect supports dear;) you can be adorable even being a caveman

Proud Emirati said...

^^ You are claiming that Arabs mix Islam with tradition. Aren't u mixing Islam with western ideologies here? When you say "everybody can do whatever they want and nobody can judge anybody". Because last time I checked the Quran verse says "You are the best community ever raised among the people: you advocate righteousness and forbid evil, and you believe in GOD. It is every Muslim duty to advocate righteousness and forbid evil. So what you say is simply invalid.

oh, and it wasn't my intention to make the impression that am having a war. Am just convinced that people here don't want to understand/respect our views. :)

Anonymous said...

in fact there are some ahadiths about don´t meddle in life of your brothers in Islam, so to judge things that don´t concern you is a si.
Dont judge me brother, Iam not mixing western ideologies with Islam. Live your life and dont judge life of the others dear. apply righteousness and forbid evil in your life cause meddle in life of the others it is not your task.

Proud Emirati said...

^^ You are mixing peanuts with beans. Is this a new Muslim sect?

Keefieboy said...

Proud Emirati

I don't know what you mean by this:

Those westerns were surprised because they only interact with Emiratis who look like them.

And I think the guy in the mosque was exaggerating a bit. But only a bit. But when I lived in Dubai, I found it very hard to get any kind of interaction with Emiratis: if it was to do with work, ok, that happened. In real life, not a chance. I'm not complaining, I'm outta there. But I did think that the Emi's were insular and hard to approach.

Anonymous said...

In fact, the great Imam al ghazaly in his legendary book (i7ya' 3loom al deen) said that Muslims shouldn't worry about viruses running inside the bodies of their neighbors while there are hordes or locusts, flies and other insects creeping through their own body and clothes. A Muslim's number one priority is to perfect her/his own Islam.

Anonymous said...

^^ You are mixing peanuts with beans. Is this a new Muslim sect?

no no dear
iam not vegetarian ;)
Iam a simple muslima, like you and millions around the world alhamdulillah
Iam tired and I dont want to argue with you adorable caveman ;)

Sugar-Free Sweetie said...

Anonymous 20:54: You really out-did everyone here....I won't talk about his looks because that's not the topic here....but obviously you think so....it shows ur level of shallowness....but ya...if you wanna talk about scores and looks...you may post a new topic on that and then I'll be glad to discuss it with you.

Rosh: Read the latest comments such made by the editor....and you'll see how much people respect/understand each other's views...it does get to the extent of bullying at times...and we all know it....not complaining, just explaining.

Anonymous 22:02: I don't know if your being sarcastic or just poking fun....yes such things exist and like any other society we have our flows....we are not perfect...but does that mean that we are all like that....its just the minority...and they don't even have the guts to do it out in the open...and they shouldn't be allowed...dxbian girl already said enough about ur comment.

Anonymous 22:08: I wasn't refering to the likes of you my dear...I was explaining the point of view of the likes of me, Proud Emirati and dxbian girl...besides you urself dubbed urself as an exception so don't mind me if I may speak on behalf of the majority....thanx for the news flash...I know all these stuff exist...and this is not the point here...these girls don't go out posting their pics all over the place braging about whatever they're doing..

Keefieboy: and thats the difference...we wanna preserve our culture...we still see the gold in old thing...while you see the past as a joke and something to be sarcastic about...I think we still can respect each other's views without enforcing it on one another now can't we?
And I'm so sad that you heard/met some wannabe westerners from the local community....

Editor: Wow...a classic case of your either with us or against us....in that case let me remind you that you are in a Arab/Muslim country...and our rules go first...but we still don't force you to practice any of our norms....but you still mind us practicing our culture and objecting anyone who violates it....if that's the case then you need not to interfere...who needs to grow up now???

Anonymous said...

"A Muslim's number one priority is to perfect her/his own Islam".

this means that you shouldn´t meddle in life of the others because the time that you are wasting seeing life of the others is time that you shoulde use to see yours
this it is not a new islamic sect PE, anyway I love to read your comments but I never mix Islam with western ideologies, Iam so scared of God to do that dear

Anonymous said...

Keefie...hun.But I did think that the Emi's were insular and hard to approach."
True, why? I will tell you why. The comments, the stares the innappropriate racial comments alot of us experienced in our own county from many expats has made us uncomfortale around many of you.

So many stories, experienced by my self, and by many I know.

When we see people being disrespectful to us and to our culture, either by comments or by hot shorts in shopping malls...we find it difficult to really want to mingle or even be around such people.

Not generalizing here, I have expats of both sexes as friends, and enjoy their company, but I've known them since high school and kept in touch till this day (17 years to be precise) but these days, Dubai has attracted alot of the wrong people.

And please, I don't want to hear anybody say "your government should give pamphlets to people who come to this country to educate them about the culture" why now? when we never had issues in the past. Why now when there are tons of books about anywhere in the world..forget the books there is the internet...

Editor said...

People are free to do what they please according to the order of the country and their own understandings and morals.

Surely, boys named Saeed, Ahmed, Mohammed, Ali, Khaled etc received Islamic education provided by the schools and the mathriarhat. They memorised the holly book, went to all the prayers, sat in the mejlis during Ramadan and went to Makka once or more......
But however, some chose to drink, run after loose women, use drugs, whear sports clothes while serving as ministers, round the world in their kandouras, write controversial articles, marry foreign women or never marry, but live in sin. Some still believe that having more children makes them wealthier, but some urge their rightful wives to take birth control pills after the second child. Some adore their families, but some abuse, abandon, cheat or still from their relatives.

On the other part, the system changed: the education, the law, the customs. The fundamentals of the religion were laid 14 centuries ago and still the Sharia is an universal system that finds solutions to every problem in life, but.......... according to today's standards.
The courts are becoming quite flexible in accommodating different people's needs. I can give many examples beginning with the inheritance law.

It is hardly us or them any longer. It's all of us together and there is no use to go against the wind, as the wind is stronger. The sooner one understands this - better for him/her.

With 15% pure local population against the 85% mixture of over 120 nations the chances are not to be discussed at all. (The Government let every one in and out of the country.)

People should broaden their horizons willingly and stop being judgemental towards others for their own good.

dxbiangirl said...

I’m here to stand up for what I believe; you all don’t have to agree with it. I was offended full stop on the line. I was trying to say why but people started straying off topic. I’m here to neither enforce my views or to ask for your sympathy.

+++ Keefieboy,
Please spare us your senseless out of place sarcasm!!!! don’t compare your lifestyle 40 years back to ours, because there is no comparison… What my ancestor and people had to go through is very different that you had to go through... and how what you pointed out about what the guide said relevant to this topic?! Please about kissing and fondling each other in public it does still exist and many get away with it and your guide didn’t answer his/her question properly.

+++ Proud Emarati, I really do admire your strength for having to put up with SOME ignorant people here. Especially the one’s who think they know it all when they don’t.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Wow, this post has stimulated a spate of females’ response. Even Rosh and PE can't keep up.
What is it that did the trick? the wedding dress?

Stained said...

All I see is an Person who just wants to show the world his 'oh soo modern skimpy clothes wearing wife' by this publicity stunt of marrying/kissing her in public wearing a Kandura (to add to the controversy). I bet he never got over 'the view from top' and was bloody excited about showing off his new toy....

Proud Emirati said...

We should have a parliament like the Kuwaiti ones where conservatives win like 70% of the seats while liberals and the likes of Anonymous @ 22:08 have barely 5%. Everyone would shut up then :P

dxbiangirl, yes I was trying to convince them to go out their cocoon but they don't seem to understand. They forgot to leave their incompatible ideologies back home. They still insist that their irreconcilable views is what should be followed.

Anonymous said...

Hello PE
Iam not the anonymous 22:08, Iam, the anonymous 23:58 and although I love to read your comments what I was trying to say from the beginning and Iam not liberal as anonymous 22:08 was that the reason of how lot of men here live in caves it is not Islam. For the big amount of non muslims living in this country please dont missunderstand this great religion just because some cave men because this has nothing to do with Islam.

H said...

If she is going to get the emirati passport, I'm gonna kill my self!!!

Anonymous said...

yes, after 10 years of marriage

Dubai Property said...

What is wrong with this?
I do not understand

hemlock said...

the comment of the evening award goes to stained.

any self-respecting man with an iota of dignity would never allow his wife (muslim/non-muslim/whatsoever) to become the talk of town. unless he was marred by insecurity and needed external validation to feel good about himself.

case in point:
nothing wrong with a western woman .. but this girl is a freak and she's a freaking hot to ..lol

is that how we talk about someone's wife?

dunno man, i would break my guy's head if he thought i was a trophy to be displayed.
but then, that's just me.

Tim Noble said...

At least it was only a kiss!

Rose in Dubai said...

The thing is, in her culture it is traditional for the new husband to be told "You may now kiss your bride" at the end of the marriage service.

You demand that she conforms to and respects your culture and yet you have no respect for her culture in which kissing the bride is an integral part of the ceremony. This is hypocrisy.

It is also none of your business. I wish them well.

hemlock said...

rose: actually, it stops being their personal/private business when it is featured on the front page of a widely distributed tabloid.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Hemlock, although I might disagree with Saeed (and I actually think what he’s done is inappropriate). BUT, it’s indeed his own business whether it’s on tabloid or not.

hemlock said...

DJ... come on. have you seen the number of gossip magazines out there? people thrive on feeding on lives of other people...
you hear about britney spears more than casualties of war.

question: would this post have come up had this wedding not been on the cover of a gossip rag?

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Well Hemlock, you are somehow right.
But the counter question is: should anybody change the way she/he is behaving just because she/he is going to appear on a tabloid cover?

Some people might do that. But I wouldn’t blame those who chose not to.

Veiled Muslimah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veiled Muslimah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veiled Muslimah said...


in fact there are some ahadiths about don´t meddle in life of your brothers in Islam, so to judge things that don´t concern you is a si.
Dont judge me brother, Iam not mixing western ideologies with Islam. Live your life and dont judge life of the others dear. apply righteousness and forbid evil in your life cause meddle in life of the others it is not your task.

Yes, but Islam also tells us to practice ammar bil marouf nahi Nah-y ‘An-el-Munkar, enjoining good and forbidding evil, especially when it happens in public.

You don't judge others when they don't do things openly, THAT is when you must make excuses for them . I think you forgot that important aspect. Infact, Allah azza wa jal does not like those who sin openly and go against his laws and commands.

Indulging in heavy public displays of affection [A kiss might not be considered so in some cultures/religion, but in Islam and in Muslim Culture it is] is highly discouraged in Islam. And, no it isn't because of how oppressive Islam is *Insert sarcasm here*, its to do with the concept of haya/modesty and other things.

Conservative Arab/Muslim cultures, regardless of them being Emirati or not, do not encourage things like these. There will always be shock and protest[and rightly so].

Serendipity said...

As a person who comes from two different cultures.. its his right whether he wants to kiss his wife or not.. because she is his wife and its up to them.. but its the extreme public affection thats wrong here..
He could have kissed her in his wedding or infront anyone.. but to publically display it and on the front page of a well-known magazines is worng.. when it comes to the uae culture and his respect towards his family, friends, county and most importantly, religion.
In the end, it is up to him, but at the same time he has offended and most likely disrespected his entire family and thats something that he is going to have to deal with the rest of his life..
and you know what so sad about it? Is that even if he disrespected his family.. it will never be seen as his 'fault'. However, all the blame will be aimed at his wife whom has no idea about our culture and actually has no idea that what she has done was wrong..

Tim Noble said...

Best keep this sort of thing to private, eh?

secretdubai said...

This magazine wasn't even published in the UAE was it?

Either way the two of them are consenting adults and kissing in a manner that is not only legal but appropriate.

Good luck to them both and I hope we see more emiratis in Hello etc, it is great PR for them appearing open and modern and happy.

Anonymous said...

"open and modern and happy" SD, your definition of "modern" does not match ours. So if kissing in public to you is a definition of modern, then you have no idea of our culture and religion. As many said, he is wearing the Kandoora which represents our culture and so far our culture is associated with Islam...he is doing something that many of us would frown upon if it should happen here, hence the law in the mall of the Emirates.
yes they are both consenting adults, sure they are, but that does not mean they are right. They can do what they want, sure, but if you choose to wear the local attire in a foreign land, you must have some kind of attachment to your roots and you should present it as you would in your country of Origion.

So please SD and your likes stop mixing your idiologies with ours and get upset at our protest. what many here are trying to do, whether done in a mature manner or not is to try to preserve what we are all about (whether you agree with it or not), our culture,our religion.
People like you who creates a gap, a goats stubborness in your opinion.
Why do many of you come here with
1- Expectations of finding of what you left home to be replicated here.
2- Thoughts of us assuming your way of life is "modern" and ideal.
2-Admiration for those who superficially assume parts of your culture that really does not add or "modernize" our society.

When Dri and his likes shows work ethics that are similar to those you have in the west, when they work hard, treat people with respect, and be less superficial than flashing their watches and cars just to show their status while underneath that skull is a brain of snail, then I will love to see him on the cover of "The Economist", Mcleans, New york times etc etc.
Till then let them stay away from any tabloid.

Anonymous said...

Woooooooow, one could wonder who the hell you think you are???

Peter Varma said...

These images are really unusual.
But this maybe one of the greatest moments (an emotional one) in a modern couples' lives.
I think its OK, but keeping the Emerati tradition in mind, they could have considered confining it to a personal moment.
Nevertheless, best wishes to the couple for a happy married life.
+91 9810000163

Peter Varma said...

These images are really unusual.
But this maybe one of the greatest moments (an emotional one) in a modern couples' lives.
I think its OK, but keeping the Emerati tradition in mind, they could have considered confining it to a personal moment.
Nevertheless, best wishes to the couple for a happy married life.
+91 9810000163

Anonymous said...

you cant say what is wrong with him marrying a western women,there is nothing wrong if he marrys a respectful, decent, polite western women, not a porn model, a rude one,if you google her name you would see her articles and myspace and her porn pictures,and she hit a mother with a newborn in the plane on her way to dubai. what do you call that !!!!and him kissing her on the lips and wearing kandora looks bad and very cheap and against our culture and islam. god didnt say kiss in public. come on he put himself down and lowered himself. where is his islam and culture. whwre is the respect. i feel sorry for such people. oneday he will wake up and realise that she is after him for something. allah yistr 3alihum walla.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I am jealous too....look it them: young, beautiful, rich and famous....and have guts to enjoy life as the want....damn this saeed.......the immam should straighten him during the Friday prayer.....and that girl....if she covers her self nobody will see how pretty she is .......lucky me- never been at the same event with her...phew what youth can do......freeeej

hazel said...

I agree with Proud Emirati, Yes Arab Wives or Zawja is a very special lady, Marrying them is not easy. First you have to marry the whole family (i mean you have to let your whole family agree with it unless your family chooses your Zawja to be) then arrange for an engagement then have to wait for the big day.
On the wedding day the guest women and man are separates unless you are a member of the family and no they are not kissing to each other in front of the public and it’s not allowed.
And oh it’s not easy to marry an Arab lady because the time of the engagement this obligation and commitment will starts. Arab guys know what im talking.

Anonymous said...

if i was saeed bin drai i should be soo ashamed of what he did and of being with some one that cheap and disgusting. shes not only a model, she is a playboy model. how can anyone marry some one like her. i feel sorry for him and his family. god helphim o allah yi7dee.

J. Weinberg said...


Screw everything!!!

Its not the fact that shez foreign (although people do have issues with that) , its the fact that HE is an ARAB MUSLIM and a KHALEEJI that makes it soo offensive..

Tell me if that was a muslim girl on the cover kissing a man everyone would be going mad, but all they can say about the man is ast3'farullah?

That is a TOTAL insult to the very the culture and traditions hes meant to uphold, THE VERY THING THIS SOCIETY FROWNS UPON and deems ILLEGAL he went and did. Are any of u aware that a man and women cant kiss in a public place here if they are married, it goes against islamic culture, and IF HE CLAIMS TO BE A MUSLIM or even a khalleji man then he should atleast not disrespect his culture and to a foreign countries magazine?
It gives the wrong idea to foreigners, it makes them thing that its okay for them to kiss their wives, they dont understand that its TABOO!!

Kiss ur wife, no ones gonna say no but ur private life remains private, intimacy is not the norm here.

I read somewhere that his mom was american so he probably got used to public displays of affection, well thats why alot of people here have issues with that mixed marriages, they say a foreign culture will invade yours, and u get some twisted hybrid EXACTLY what were seeing with him. Now culture isnt wat concerns me wat concerns me is the fact that he disregarded his religion in such a flagrant way, KUDDOS to him and all the guys that wanna be like him, its a sad sad day indeed

btw, im a caucasian and married to a gulf man but i raise my kids to respect their religion and to not do anything that goes against what they were raised to believe in, god only knowz how his kids will turn out..

Anonymous said...

If she truly loves him she will never kiss him in the public and put him in such position.She should respect tradition of his country even if she do not live in his country.I am not a mouslim and I am a western women but I think that this is wrong.And her dress...at least she could have a long slives.

Anonymous said...

She is a cow-girl born and raised in a small village in Eastern Europe.Then she went to Italy and worked as a prostitute. She also posed for porno magazines. Her porno pictures were available on http://s240.photobucket.com/albums/ff75/hobit2007/ but now they have been removed as they "violated the terms of use". There was also a story on her violent attack on a woman during a flight to Dubai poted on single-in-dubai.blogspot.com/2007/07/unblock-blog.html
but that website got blocked as well.

Anonymous said...

My, the envy of some people! The things they will say to slander a foreign woman.

Jelena Jakovljevic is a Serbian model. Not a Playboy model, not a glamour model. A real model. In fact, she is a singer as well, and a pretty good one.

Sinc eshe didn't convert, why on earth should she dress as a muslim woman? Indeed, why should she cover up? Isn't there any consideration towards her religion?

You should see what Serbs are saying about this. Some are calling her a traitor because she married a muslim (due to the 400 year conquest of the Balkans by the Turks who put us through hell). Some say she's crazy to marry an Arab because Europeans are more attractive. I'm not trying to offend anyone, it is really what they say.

What I mean to say is, don't see this on one side. They are happy as a couple, so may they have the best in life. Envy is a terrible thing, don't let it eat you up.

Anonymous said...

He is just a man that lost his way in life. He had nothing to do and is just desperate for attention.

Like most of the oil rich men in the middle east who dont know what to do with live and just F* their tradtions up. =D I am not ashamed because he is an arab i am ashamed because he is a muslim


Anonymous said...

I believe that the emirate guy really did married her he can do what ever he want even other men all over the world do that look at egypt people and lebenon most of arabs do so not onlly the emirate cause the media take the pic you can blame him. And he did not force the girl to kiss him she did kissed him too if she was good girl she would refuse that to do these things in a public is not good too god save all people from doing the mistakes In Allah Gafoor Rahime

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