25 May, 2008

Greetings to JABELDAS

An arrest warrant was issued by Abu Dhabi for this guy called JABELDAS, Keeshoor Bujraj. What is really surprising is not his name, age or even the fact that his name is on the Interpol list. What is interesting is that he is supposedly a UAE national.

So greetings to the only UAE national on the interpol list.



bb said...

And people are still complaining that it impossible to obtain UAE nationality? :)

phantom said...

Thats it! One Passport given to some influential criminal = Equal Human Rights!!!!

rosh said...

If true, shame really! This is just sad, for all of UAE.

Who is he, and why the warrant?

bb said...

Let me guess, since like most of the warrant issued by the UAE it's for "FRAUD" my guess is that he committed the crime of.. tadada.. Bounced Check.

I hope interpol has a minimum of damage required to list people otherwise it's a waste of resources :)


bb said...

I should not reply to myself but I just realized the UAE posted more than 160 warrants and on the same site France:0, UK:8, Germany:7, United states: More than 160.

Something is seriously f. up here if they have the same number of international criminal as the USofA. :)

Discuss, analyze...

the_shitz said...

how about this guy, the youngest kid in the list only 7 years old he gives me the creeps


Anonymous said...

look to the bright side, he is the only UAE National on the list :P

and it is distinct that he is asian origin, he might got the citizenship thought his parents or may be he is lucky "Bedoon".

Johnny No Stars said...

How come he got a passport and not me?

Hum, come to think of it, I don't want one. There.

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