24 May, 2008

Wikipedia images not loading?

Any other users in the UAE experiencing (to be clear this isn't a problem in other countries AFAIK) problems loading ALL wikipedia images for the past 2+ days?

I've been getting this error:

Can any users in the UAE please try and load this image and indicate in the comments whether or not it is working; thanks.

EDIT: problem fixed


Rami said...

I've noticed this as well for the past few days. I've had a friend of mine in Spain check, and it works fine for her.

Can anyone on Du's network check please? I'm curious about this as well. Has Etisalat somehow blocked the Wikimedia image servers? Has Wikimedia blocked requests from the UAE?

samuraisam said...

rami: problem should be resolved now; I just had a conversation on IRC with some people from wikimedia-tech and all seems fine now.

Rami said...

Sigh.. excellent.. just as I sent them off an email asking about the problem :)

Sam: any idea what the problem was?

Stained said...

facebook seems to have a problem...cant log in!!!!

rosh said...

Wiki's fine, here in Toronto - the image did load. Checked with a friend in NYC, says it's fine.

Facebook's fine as well.

Anonymous said...

I am having a problem logging to facebook as well; it always returns to the login page instead of the home page.

Anonymous said...

Down with TRA/Etisalat/Proxy

samuraisam said...

rami: was apparently a copy/paste error by a wikipedia admin or somesuch.

Facebook is working fine (and has been working fine for the past two days) on my computer.

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