21 May, 2008

Who says Dubai can't laugh - Comedy made in Dubai

It's cool to spot comedy content on YouTube originating from our very own Dubai and UAE.
Here's a series pilot by Phat Mo I found on YouTube... there are many in the series which he calls 'half sketch, half reality".
Just like Freej shows life in Dubai via animation, this stuff is a light-hearted look at the things we condemn...

There are other videos on the Phat Mo Show YouTube Page... but this is the one that made most sense to me. Does it ring a bell for other people too? The part about condemnation.... ?


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Anonymous said...

It's good to see people trying, sadly. It's not my cup of tea and I didn't find it funny. But it's a good start! Kudos to him for doing something.

But there are creative and talented people in Dubai, they just need to find the time or the will to create!!

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