22 May, 2008

A Question For you

What is your strongest impression of Dubai?
(in 5 lines or less please)
(this is for creative work purposes - for privacy: please respond via email)

First Name - Nationality/Citizenship

Thank you!


Al-Maawali said...

In my opinion, Dubai is a very fast developing city which intimidates me in some level but also excites me. It is very unstable in terms of the economy and I would really think 100 times before coming to live there.

Omani/Oman resident, moving to Dubai in the summer

Anonymous said...

South Indians.

phantom said...

Anonymous@23 May, 2008 20:41

guess you live in the labour camps with them!

LocalExpat said...

every community, be it a town, city or nation, has something that bonds everyone together. It could be the flag, food, music........ What is the only thing that all the people in the UAE have in common with each other? Money! It is the only common denominator.

rosh said...

LE, isn't sand the common factor - you've got sand everywhere. Not everyone's got money, poor debt ridden expat or a debt ridden local :)

In context to this post - strongest impression of DXB is immense, supersonic change, mostly, at the surface.

Kyle said...

Too hot
Too humid
Too much artificiality
Mad rush
No soul

Kyle - American

P.S.: Will this community have access to your completed project?

Almulhama said...

Thank you all,

This is great! I would hope to have some more comments. The project will be at Art Basel this year from the 5th of June till September. I will keep you posted and upload images when we get them.

Anonymous said...

Exciting yet illogical and superficial.

Anonymous said...

The only place where "UK / US Educated" means "white".

Justin - Filipino/American

Nature Strikes Back said...

Chaos not far below the surface so nobody goes too deep.

Huge gap between hype and reality

Environmentally backward (sorry!)

Thrilling but frightening

Desperately in need of an open debate... or maybe that's just me!!

Mike said...

Mike - South African

Hypocrisy. Glamour outside, poverty inside. A bubble waiting to burst.

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