16 May, 2008



rosh said...

lol :) A Freej movie coming out? (you've got "movie" as a label)

Am told most of Freej's new season is sort of dry/dull given a weak script - far less fun & frolics of prior season?

Would help increase awareness/viewership if they had an English version as well - just a thought.

Proud Emirati said...

^^ They broadcast one with English subtitles in "Dubai One".

Many people claimed that it isn't as good before. I dont see much difference though !

rosh said...

Whoa PE! People we know have "similar" thoughts/views? Darn! There’s hope lol :)

OK jokes aside. I think, it's quite creative & true to the UAE - it'd be fantastic, if they'd broadcast to international locations, perhaps in Arabic & English. Hollywood has The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park etc - and growing up, we had Jungar, Grundizer, Captain Majid - none of which were UAE productions, but Japanese.

I haven't seen Freej's new season -someone said it was cost $2 million to produce? Had asked a friend to bring a DVD from UAE, he didn't. I was hoping to share Freej with friends here in the city - sort of extend a fun/relaxed/subtle ways on some true to life folks from UAE - their life in midst of an ever-expanding Dubai - the various social changes that affect them and how they go about dealing with it all.

Editor said...
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Editor said...

I found a pack of 4 DVDs with FREEJ series yesterday at Burjuman. It has English subtitles and costs 215 dh.
Watched one last night and can tell that some parts are hilarious.
All together: very refreshing!

Anonymous said...


Freej it too local to have international (or even regional appeal). Aside from the incredible production and graphics/animation, the actual characters and story lines leave a lot to be desired. In contrast, shari3 al 3rab (Bahraini production during this past Ramadan) was incredibly well scripted. Unfortunately, the graphics and animation were horrid (South Park and King of the Hill had better graphics!).

Ah.. nothing is perfect :)

Grumpy Goat said...

I'm looking forward to the release of Freej Season 2 with English subtitles. Anyone have any idea when it's due to be released?

Proud Emirati said...

^^ How was Freej Season 1 with English subtitles?

Grumpy Goat said...

Beloved Wife and I both thought Season 1 was hilarious. Obviously we completely miss any Arabic word-play, but the stories and animation are wonderful.

Mme Cyn said...

I'm told by my students that Season 2 is due at Virgin Megastores in about 2 weeks. The writier is coming to my campus on Thursday to speak and preview Season 3 (in Arabic only, of course --). I'll ask him then.

Stay tuned to this post!

rosh said...

mme cyn: here's a Q (pse ask away if you get the chance & have the time) Any plans/chances on Freej going bilingual & International?

Please do extend writer's thoughts on season 3. Thanks :)

S. said...

PE: I don't find the English subtitles to be in perfect translation of the Arab dialog. Unfortunately, a lot of the humor is left lost in translation :(

Dubai bizniz: Even though Freej is an animated series that would normally be tailored to anyone who has been in contact with the Gulf culture, I think that an international audience (although a limited percentage) would be able to relate to it at some level. A lot of cultures, mostly collective cultures, are similar to ours. Everyone's experienced being in a culture with meddling mothers and overtly gossipy women. Example: No one knew "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" would be a hit, but it was. It was a movie tailored for Greek-Americans. I'm neither Greek, nor have I been to the US, but let me tell you, I related on so many aspects.

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