25 January, 2006

Arabic UAE Community Blog

I'm currently seeking to find arabic speaking bloggers to form the arabic uae community blog;
If you'd like membership please drop a comment here or email me on sam@samurai-sam.com, if you know anyone who is an arabic blogger please direct them here or to my email address...
I need someone with decent arabic knowledge (I don't know any arabic) to help get the design up (in arabic language) and also any potential moderators too.
here be the arabic uae community blog: http://emiraticommunity.blogspot.com/

As soon as there are enough members i'll start the community.


BD said...

Sounds like a good idea. Have you come across any free web-based English-Arabic-English translation sites? Although available for other languages I have yet to find a free one for Arabic.

OneDevotion said...

Try Jeeran.com, as I appreciate their Arabic style templates

BuJ said...

Sam, I'll gladly join (in fact I did) but for some reason I cannot publish and view. I can administrate and post occassionally :)

Excellent move might I add.

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