02 January, 2006

Exclusive - Dubai Transport drivers on strike

To all Dubai based bloggers.

If you are planning to catch a cab today, I suggest you think of alternatives - there isn't a single DT cab in sight. After almost 1 hour waiting for one, a Metro Taxi driver told me that all Dubai Transport drivers are on strike since the morning in protest for extremely low wages and bad work conditions..

I will post more details on today's taxi-less experience on my
blog later this evening ...


samuraisam said...

yes i too noticed the lack of bad driving

nzm said...

Unfortunately, there were still bad drivers working from the airport this morning - but it sounds like we were lucky to get one at all.


CG said...

welcome back nzm
Hope it was not too cold for you.


John B. Chilton said...

Gulfnews: Dubai taxi drivers stage protest

nzm said...

Thanks cg!

It was freezing - in the Black Forest, it was -12degC on the 30th Jan as we toured through the area.

Luckily it was also a brilliantly fine and sunny day which more than made up for the fact that our frozen toes were almost snapping off!

Right now, Dubai feels cold too!


BuJ said...

oye,, true cabbies are probably the worst drivers on dubai's roads (after certain AD plate holders) but we gotta give them a break.. can you just imagine how pitifully low these guys get paid.. plus they have to pay the first dhs 300 or so they get a day to the company. that sux. finally have you tried to give someone a lift and they don't actually know where they are going..

go left.. no right.. (shit just missed a car).. no left.. no.. hmm right..

MD said...

well when u squeeze someone's pocket so much that it begins to choke them, they will OBVIOUSLY resort to strikes. i'm glad these guys are taking such steps coz it'll make all those employers think twice next time they try pinching their pockets.

but oh. the lack of bad driving must have been relieving. i should have been to dubai today :)

CG said...

I assume that Moryarti did not find a cab home last night, since he never managed to post his story.

Anonymous said...

UNRELATED...I am looking for Mohamed Elzubeir (his blog is down). I urgently need to speak with him. Mohamed, can you email me at: elizabeth@arabiestrends.com?

moryarti said...

CG, its right here

Anonymous said...

Is this the first strike that has taken place inthe UAE? If so, this is an amazing precedent for similar actions in the future.

BuJ said...

i believe the first strike was a few months ago when construction workers (unpaid of course) blocked sheikh zayed road to protest.

it would be interesting to hear from any taxi-driver bloggers out there about their thoughts.

CG said...

Yes I can really see the cabbie finding time to blog after his 20 hour shift...

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