13 January, 2006

Fulla on the BBC

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Barbie loses out to veiled rival:

"The Fulla doll is designed to appeal to a Muslim market
Step aside Barbie - a veiled doll with, as her creator describes it 'Muslim values', is proving a popular choice in Egypt's toy stores.

Fulla, dressed in a traditional Islamic headscarf and overdress, comes with her own pink felt prayer rug."

I've looked at Fulla for a while now with an envious eye. Isn't it time girls in the west got something that resembles a normal woman ?

We have Sindy in the UK; my mother used to buy me Sindy as she objected to me playing with the 'that hideous American doll'. However, Sindy looks no different to Barbie now, with her high cheekbones and crazy proportioned bod.

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BaptizedLucifer said...

im a rag doll fan. always have been. make a doll wear anything, u can still undress her anywhere. :) lol

i think the first few lessons in anatomy kids get are... dolls.. and their own bodies... hmmm... i've seen kids trying to make their dolls have sex... the way they see it on tv. haha very amusing to say the least.

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