17 January, 2006

UAE community blog

Who said that Muslim women can't write? Check them out in Emiratestodayonline. Like to join us? Com'on down.


azucenamaryam said...

I forgot to write pages 16 and 17

secretdubai said...

Oh that interesting. I have seen quite a few films made by local women, but not writing.

Nice thing is about writing that if one is from a very conservative family, or homebound because of disability/young children, it's something that can be done from home.

MD said...

Question. Who even said that Muslim women can't write?!

Ok keeping that aside. thanks a lot for link maryam...i'm going to check it out. PHEW...finally i can go a lil further with my writing skills :)))

samuraisam said...

another thing that doesn't need to be proven. I'm pretty sure anyone can write to a certain degree.

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