09 January, 2006

Cool buttons

Moryarti from Dubai Consumer Mirror has created some great buttons for people to link to UAE community blog with.

Here they are:

You can download them as indivdual images (right click each one above), or for the full zipped set, click here.

Thank you Moryati!


Anonymous said...

Nope. It wasn't me. I did send you a header design a few weeks ago but haven't heard from you at all.

Take your time :o)

CG said...

It wasn't me, but if you need something...just ask

B.D. said...

It wasn't me either :)

moryarti said...

you are most welcome ;)

nzm said...

Good stuff - thanks Moryarti.

Is there any way that we can make the buttons into links that link back to the UAE Community blog?

For instance, the Saudi bloggers have an image with the Saudi flag and the words, Saudi Blog.

When you click on the icon, it opens up the Saudi Community blog page.

See here for what I mean: Saudi Blogs

The icon is in the right column.

Not being that familiar with html script, I wondered if there was anyone who knew how we could do this with the icons that Moryarti has created.


nzm said...

ok - amendment to my above post, because I just checked Moryarti's blog, and the button works just like I asked!

My question now is, how do you get it to link - can anyone share the code with me?


moryarti said...


All what you need to do is to host the image(s) on either your server or a public image server likfe flikr or something.

I am using photobucket.com.

Its really easy to use - once you create an account and upload your images, the system will create both HTML tag and URL for you to copy/paste into your template..

B.D. said...

Just a comment about the Saudi Blog reference. Aren't people afraid to blog there? I'm sure there are repurcussions to saying the wrong thing on the wrong blog!

nzm said...

thanks Moryarti - I'll look into this when I have the time!

cheers from SF

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