28 January, 2006

Stupid prank with a painful – yet oddly stupid as well – ending


Totally off topic but you guys and girls have to see how stupid this guy is. Judge for your self.....

Stupid Prank

NOTE: edited by samuraisam, uaecommunity is not the place to post violent/stupid video's, it is upto someone else to judge whether or not to delete this, please, in the future place a disclaimer if the content is NSFW (Not safe for work) or contains violence, sexual references, drug references, or in someway goes against the moral values of the UAE.


samuraisam said...

I added the disclaimer and the note at the bottom.

secretdubai said...

Thanks Sam - the site appears to be blocked anyway.

BD said...

Thanks from me too, Sam. I was about to click the link until I saw your disclaimer. To the original poster (Hesham), I'm sure no one wishes to censor or discourage you from sharing, but it's the same thing as when you get email from freinds and strangers of these "interesting--gotta see--things" from the net. There so much of that all over the net that anyone who really wants to see it, can find it on their own.

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