17 January, 2006

Michael Jackson strikes again.

Interesting article here

Michael Jackson Looking for Work in UAEDUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES-January 17, 2006 - He's been living there for months. Now, it looks like Michael Jackson is ready to start working in the United Arab Emirates.

The pop star is said to be looking into a position as a consultant with a company in Bahrain. The firm – AAJ Holdings – says it wants to hire Jackson to give advice on how to set up entertainment businesses.
The company plans to set up theme parks and music academies in the Middle East. And apparently officials feel a pop star who used to live at an estate that actually includes an amusement park would be a good fit for their company.

Since being acquitted on child molestation charges, Jackson has been living in Bahrain and has indicated that he plans to stay there.


BD said...

Funny thing, the writer of the linked article seems to think that the UAE and Bahrain or one and the same.

Keefieboy said...

Surely Dubai is in Saudi Arabia? (My dad thinks so, anyway)

nzm said...

Isn't the UAE just an umbrella name for all the Gulf countries?


samuraisam said...

no offence intended, but it is an american publication

nick said...

Setting up a theme park..hmmm I was wondering when the next Neverland park would come up...

muscati said...

AAJ is trying to get their name into the international news by engaging Michael Jackson into a bullsh!t project that will probably never happen. Instead the international tabloid press turns the story around and says that Michael Jackson is looking for a job. Typical!

Anyhow, when Michael Jackson came to Oman for his extended stay in November-December last year he was initially brought by AAJ's associate company in Oman to see their Blue City project.

Slagothor said...

I think I can explain the confusion. The story describes something that is happening in Bahrain, but the story was filed from Dubai.

Now, condsider that headlines are never written by the person who writes the story. So somebody who probably works in Dubai Media City files a story about MJ in Bahrain, and a headline writer simply sees the dateline "Dubai, UAE" and assumes the story is about the UAE.

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