15 January, 2006

Excellent documentary

Click here for a fascinating documentary about young UAE women and men and their thoughts on freedom and gender discrimination.


John B. Chilton said...

Cool, very cool.

samuraisam said...

although i agree with most of it, there is a reason why girls aren't allowed to stay out till 4 in the morning, because of rapists, etc.
several hundred times more likely for a girl to be targeted over a boy.

secretdubai said...

Well the obvious answer to that is to confine the men and boys, not the girls and women, because they are the ones raping.

Lock up all males - the world would be so much safer ;)

samuraisam said...

yeah but if you keep the boys in until 10 and let the girls party hard, then all the boys will get raped.

what you need to do is give everyone a shotgun, and they can kill each other whenever they get angry. The world would sadly be much safe if that was the case ):
If everyone knew that everyone had a lethal weapon, they wouldn't do anything bad, lest they wanted a darwin award

BuJ said...

If all the boys get locked up then they will turn to themselves! come on SD, that's not a solution!

I think balance is needed and compromise as well from both sexes.

sheikha cheryl said...

that was very interesting; really cool to listen to the girl's opinions.

Anonymous said...

this is an excellent step... discussing the problem of discrimination between the genders. Now, discrimination is not just found in families between daughters and sons or between wives and husbands. There is obviously discrimination in laws that supports the discrimination between the sons and daughters and husbands and wives. Does anyone know what sorts of discriminations there are in laws?

Anonymous said...

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