03 August, 2008

Abu Dhabi Trade Events: Cultures of queuing and Abu Dhabi taxi

Abu Dhabi Trade Events: Cultures of queuing and Abu Dhabi taxi


Anonymous said...

Before I had a car, had to face jumping of queues on a regular basis , would confront the "jumper" unless it was a female, or a guy with children, but generally the culprits would be single men, and some women.......

The responses I got would range from blank stares by some, to a guy who said "Do you know I am Arab and this is an Arab country, I will take taxi when I want !!!"

Another guy jumped in front of me and when I asked why he did that , he said "this is my taxi, and I want it, do you understand'

To be honest, the biggest culprits were Indians and expat Arabs; UAE Nationals are much more civil.

rosh said...

errr...there *is* no culture/civility when it comes to queuing up. People push their way thru without the slightest bit of apology, guilt or embarrassment. Be it for cabs or waiting in line at a KFC/Shwarmah outlet - pisses me off! Worse, if you happen to remind them to form or get back in queue, it falls on deaf ears! It's crazy!

Smith said...

It's for sure a cultural thing, expat Arabs and Southern Indians as was pointed out before.

The most interesting time for me was while in queue for a bank machine, there was a line with a space for one person between me and the person at the atm . . . you can fill in the blanks . . . :)

Usually in these situations, I'll tap them on the shoulder, smile, and a motioning for them to move to the back with my fist and thumb over my shoulder, usually few or no words.

I've yet to have any issues.

That said, if I'm in a different setting that is less "westernized" I'll play by the same rules as everyone else.

Cultures are fun :)

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