27 August, 2008

The Million Dollar Vacation

The Emirates Palace resort in Abu Dhabi has announced a Million Dollar Travel package that it promises “incarnates pure opulence.”

Along with first-class airfare and seven nights at a giant suite at the Palace, the package includes:

  • Chauffeur-driven Maybach at your disposal daily during your stay in Abu Dhabi. 
  • Daily spa treatments. 
  • Day trip in private jet to Iran where you’ll create your own Persian carpet with the country’s most-exclusive and best-renowned hand-maker.
  • Day trip to Bahrain in private jet for “a pearl deep sea experience,” with the pearl then hand-designed with jewellery settings.

story here


Anonymous said...

Pfffft-pocket change! I spit on pearls, Maybachs and handmade Persian carpets!I want a rare red diamonds, a personal Airbus A380 and a colony of caterpillars to lick me a silk carpet.

Lirun said...

but are there waves?

Kyle said...

Hey Hemlock, do they accept credit cards ;)

No, seriously!

One more thing; instead of a Gulfstream, can they do the 'to' & 'from' fly trips on an A380?

hemlock said...

kyle: hehe... i doubt it. only gold biscuits (which they can melt and make door handles out of).

yer right though, private jets seem so passe. and so... poor poeple. they even have them private jets in pakistan.

me thinks if the maybach was replaced with the batmobile, i might even be interested :D

Anonymous said...

Ah ha! Why limit trip to Iran and Bahrain? how abt including France, Brazil, Sweden, or Australia?

a question of a question said...

thanks for picking up this story and putting on the wall.

these chaps dont deserve a mention on the UAE COMMUNITY BLOG


Kyle said...


Too bad they don't accept cards for this ad absurdum gimmick.

My gain :)


A Question of a Question:

Sometimes, a moment of silence for those guys that perished in that fire goes a long way instead of putting up a label. I say this based on my experience here at the Community Blog where you can really see some jerks write in defiance instead of respect.

I'll take that moment of silence instead of seeing a label & have it desecrated.

It's very kind of you though to highlight this loss of life.

kaya said...

Yawn! how boring.
After one night, you realise, you could have donated that money to charity and fed a million starving children, clothed another million more, and bought shoes for three. (well Choos and Blahniks are not cheap Darling)!

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