10 August, 2008

Friday bazaar

i was wondering if anyone in the community would be interested in a car-boot / rummage / garage sale?

feedback and ideas would be appreciated.  


ahirunopekkles said...

i would...depending on what product and where..

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I would be interested.

Tainted Female said...

We held one yard sale in the whole 12 years we were in Dubai - before my parents moved back to Canada. It was amazing how many people showed up. I think that's one part of western culture that holds a lot of interest there, but isn't advertised as it is here.

I warn you just to be careful and make sure you have a lot of people helping you watch your things and collecting money. We had a lot of theft (and attempted theft) happen.

Good luck to you!

hemlock said...

the logistics can be figured out once there is sufficient interest. i was thinking in about 2-4 weeks time.
people can chuck their stuff in their cars, drive over, look around and things on display, barter / sell / buy, and go home.

it could be anything and everything you dont want, but have. could be an ex-bf's shrine... (just an idea).

but the idea can onlywork if enough people show interest.

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

Are you saying, a collective garage sale? That's interesting.. I don't have a whole lot of stuff to sell, but I could already think of a few things I wouldn't mind getting rid off (some older DVD players, almost never used.. etc.)

yeah I'm in, if/when the time is convenient.

i*maginate said...

hemlock - I see a lot of ads in the Classifieds section for garage sales...you might get a wider audience through this medium?

Steve said...

I think it would be a great idea, I have heard of another one, but they have stopped for a while, no idea why i think it was Dubai Flea Sale or something, but yeah I think it would a great idea, I have a bunch of miniatures guitars that I could sell. Let me know when and where.. I'm in

hemlock said...

DE: that's the basic idea... i have stuff i dont use... but lets see... it HAS to be a collective effort :)

i*maginate: hmm... ive actually never come across those ... probably cuz i always only look at the cars section :D but i was thinking more along the line of boot-sales we had in england... they involve a lot more people.

steve: it would be cool though, if people could put up a list of stuff they were planning to bring (if and when the sale happens)...
miniature guitars sound cool :D

Steve said...

Your right Hemlock, I think its a great idea, let me know if you need any help. I am up for it.

kaya said...

That would be great . I have so often wished that there would be a FRIDAY open air market where we can take our stuff, (there used to be one is Muscat and you could uncover jewels there sometimes so to spk).
Because really what one person may not need another person could be desperate for, and the anount of perfectly good stuff we have to throw away sometimes is sinful.
How could we go about it? And would we have to get municipality clearence. Since everything here becomes an issue.

hemlock said...

steve: ive never organised anything in my life. just dont have the patience to follow through with ideas :D how about... someone else does the managing... if you really want my input, i can suggest a date? :D

kaya: umm... i read grumpy goat's blog a while ago. in which there were few interesting (albiet) hypothetical convos with various administrative bodies :D
point being, if even a boot sale requires getting approval...
we might be asked to first register ourselves with the gov as general trading entities, and if done outside of a free-zone, we will need local partners who will have 51% ownership of the sale items.
im going to go back into my corner.

secretdubai said...

Friends of mine held a garage sale in Umm Seqeim 1 - it was borderline violent. From even before the advertised time there was a huge crowd of people who were very aggressive, pushed in, were demanding things for ludicrously low prices (like a few dirham for items worth hundreds and hundreds), there were people trying to walk off having grabbed armfuls of stuff without paying, and so on. They said they would never do it again. And the vast majority of the crowds were not wexpats (which surprised them, as they had only advertised in English in a predominantly wexpat area).

A collective garage or car boot sale might be a bit safer.

But I think as people point out, the authorities just wouldn't understand, which would make it difficult to organise with official approval. You might be best off to just do it anyway, on a Friday afternoon when things are quiet, but not near a mosque obviously.

Kyle said...


Is this garage sale still on or am I late or what?

hemlock said...

SD: how about the parking lot of choitram's on al wasl road? :D

kyle: dont know... nothing ever materialized. if you guys are serious about it, and we have 4-5 volunteers, it just might happen (including permits and whatnot). what say you?

Kyle said...

Will this be on a Friday? I ask because we take the Al-Ain exit every Thursday evening for some peace and quiet with our friends & not be back in town until Saturday afternoon.

But I guess we can make an exception one Friday, how's that?

I also understand, you have only this Friday because come September 1st, it's going to be the Holy Month of Ramadan, no?

samuraisam said...

Would've put this in earlier but I've been a bit busy; Spinneys used to have some sort of a flea-market/car-boot sale at its spinneys location every now and then. I'd contact them and see what's happening with it.

I can't remember the last one they had, it may have been 2-3 years ago or perhaps longer.

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