22 August, 2008

Too Much Hatred Against Dubai!

Burj Dubai Picture by David Hobcote

I can't believe how much hatred those people had against Dubai!

Geekologie added a blog showing some pictures of Dubai taken by David Hobcote. I was blown away when I read the comments posted below the blog. That was too much! The blog does not talk about politics nor religion nor anything like that. The post was just showing some nice pictures of Dubai. I have no idea how the pictures hit the nerves of those people. Is it just me? Read for yourself and tell me if I'm exaggerating.


DUBAI JAZZ said...

Fahad my friend: these are bunch of misfits and degenerates who are spewing hatred or failingly trying to be facetious; I wouldn't worry about them.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Gotta love the guy who said the empirestate building is the tallest in the world, I mean this should give you an indication of the IQ level of the people we're talking about here.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

P.S. The photos are amazing!

samuraisam said...

Welcome to the internet.

Many of the comments are somewhat accurate; but it would be quite apparent that you are not used to humour on the internet.

FFS, you're actually taking comments seriously on a thread where someone said this:

"#2: I'm pretty sure he jumped as high as possible then took a photo looking down. That's how I did most of the pics for Google Earth."

Dubai jazz:
I'm pretty sure that guy was being sarcastic. There are quite a few people there just having a joke around, for instance:
"CHOO CHOO, bitches, CHOO CHOO! Too funny!!!"

In any case, if Dubai is pressing for as many tourists as it says, these are some of the people it's going to have to impress.

Abid said...

They are sitting behind their keyboards in their moms' basements. In reality, they are 300 lbs 5'5" nerds who play video games all day.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Sam, I don't mind good humor at all. I think we should have more of that in the CB.

Proud Emirati said...

u can see peoples hatred against Dubai even in this blog so ....

Anonymous said...

So nobody bothered to post about the bribe money in Nakheel/Tamweel/Deyaar ?

On the top are the locals, and the army = expats.

BuJ said...

Thanks for sharing this Fahad... but to be honest i read the comments and it's clear that two things are probably true:

1- They are fueled by jealousy

2- The combined IQ of all the bad commenters is probably negative.

Like we say in arabic..
عين الحسود فيها عود

happy blogging :)

Man of Letters said...

When I first read the title of this post I thought it might be someone's retaliation against this blog, since I'm always astounded by the hatred I find in the posts/comments here.

Keefieboy said...

Not hatred, methinks, just ignorance.

Lirun said...

is that building genuinely under construction?

DUBAI JAZZ said...

no, it's about to take off.

Lirun said...

ok now having read the comments - i at first laughed.. and then yeah it sounded like some bored outcasts were flexing their finger muslces..

but it did make me curious as to questions that have been raised here in the past..

the island photos look amazing and everything is very overwhelming even without visiting..

are people perhaps sensitive about the stupid comments because maybe there is a concern that resources are being wasted? or that buildings are too high?

is it the case that even seemingly genuine art cant be separated from some pretty vital issues?

Lirun said...

dubai jazz..

personally i loathe sky scrapers.. to me they are revolting.. i hate the way the trash the natural skyline and i hate how thousands of people need to flock tiny spots of land creating transport issues that are so frikkin crazy..

we two have a spate of tall buildings sprouting although nothing as impressive yours.. and i hope it ends..

as for dubai generally.. i cant wait to visit..

Anonymous said...

Funny, i always thought that UAE and the US had so much in common.
Strong relgious and family values,
same eating habits (few other countries have that many american fast food outlets), love for big cars, treating business as a second religion, love for shopping in malls...the neverending drive to be the best and the tallest...

Not saying it is bad.

Anonymous said...

They are just jealous that USA doesnt have the worlds best malls, towers or cars, like Dubai does.

Most smart people worldwide are coming to Dubai, and this may lead to a skills shortage in the US, so they feel a bit insecure.

Another reason might be that Dubai may become the financial centre of the world, displacing NYC, so they may be scared of that as well.

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

Like we say in arabic..
عين الحسود فيها عود

That applies to pretty much everyone not from here... even those who live here. It's what this blog is based on.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, Americans arent jealous of whats going on in Dubai, its just that most of them havent ever visited Dubai so they dont know better and they know very little about the Middle East.

Honestly I dont see how this was a worthy post on this blog. Theres all kinds of forums with people ripping on Dubai, Middle East, etc. You make it seem like you've only just discovered the internet.

Welcome to the internet.

BuJ said...

a blessing in tragedy... ah.. i didn't want to be quite so blunt.. bas mashalla 3leik.

Lirun I'm an engineer and my bread and butter is making buildings stand but I share your concerns about high rise. I wish dubai would build less of them, especially since there is more sand with land than other places with skyscrapers!

there is a certain coolness about a tall building but I think we need a few icons that's it. Imagine a NYC with 213 twin towers and a Paris with 8 Effel towers and so on.

in a way Riyadh has got the balance a bit better than dubai. they have 2 skyscrapers and they really compliment the city well.. this way they have more value.. not that i'd recommend a visit to riyadh my friend!

Jay said...

Yeah, don't visit Riyadh, especially during your birthday.I heard there's a fatwa against celebrating birthdays now. (I suppose Prophet Mohammed's birthday is okay to celebrate still?)

BuJ said...

Jay, tis perfectly halal to celebrate a birthday in saudi if it coincides with the birthday of the king or a public or islamic holiday :D

rosh said...

Honestly this is just loose talk from ignorant trash. Fahad, I have no idea why you felt the need to post this? It's not just a city or place like Dubai - almost anything/everything - from God to the weather and your grocery store food prices get hammered by people.

Anon 23 Aug, 2:19. Americans have almost nothing to be jealous about UAE. Also you shouldn't compare a true mature city like NYC to DXB - that's a joke, really. I've lived in UAE for 25 yrs and now in NYC - there is just no comparison. World financial center DXB over NYC? Dude, seriously come on?

Lirun: me like it that way as well. Hate all that tall gleaming buildings and concept of downtown.

i*maginate said...

How do you guys cum across these sites?

Thanks to the author's recommendation this link was found:


Go, go, chrome Ferraris! Want you in my back yard an' all!

i*maginate said...


DUBAI JAZZ said...

I guess I cum across these sites quite frequently.

rosh said...

lol DJ, what are you saying :)

i*maginate said...

Kleenex is in business, Scott cums multicoloured.

bb said...

It seems that some people here are so dazzled by the shiny new towers they forget some key facts.

According to wikipedia (worth what it is worth):

> The Economy of Dubai is valued at US$ 46 billion (2006)

> According to New York’s Economic Development Corporation, telecom carriers, cable companies, Internet service providers and publishers were a $23 billion industry in 2003. This represents over three percent of the city’s economy.

That would put NYC economy around US$ 750 Millions or about 16 time bigger than Dubai.

As much as you want to drink the kool aid Dubai's leader are trying to feed you the "rapidly developing" middle east are still small scale economy compared to the older established western countries. Why do you think they dominate every single trade agreement?

Even Saudi's market size is commonly accepted to be twice that of all the other GCC countries.

Anyway, nice pictures. It's fun to see my building's swimming pool from so high... :)

Anonymous said...

Many of the comments on that site are pretty juvenile. Many are sarcastic...kind of like the comment here by anonymous @ 23 August, 2008 14:19:

Anonymous said...
They are just jealous that USA doesnt have the worlds best malls, towers or cars, like Dubai does.

Another reason might be that Dubai may become the financial centre of the world, displacing NYC, so they may be scared of that as well.
[emphasis added]

Yeah, that's it.

hemlock said...

i*maginate: i cant believe i actually looked up your links :D
but im glad i did, cuz now i know someone in abu dhabi has a burberry maserati, someone in saudia has a chrome ferrari (which btw DOES look HOT) and some idiot somewhere has a gold porsche 911. which really looks worse than the burberry maserati.
although, if you had a REALLY trippy sense of humour, the maserti could pass as being funny :D

here are the links:
maserati & ferrari
porsche 911
i like how the numberplate on the maserati matches the pattern

secretdubai said...

They are just jealous that USA doesnt have the worlds best malls, towers or cars, like Dubai does.

Most smart people worldwide are coming to Dubai, and this may lead to a skills shortage in the US, so they feel a bit insecure.

Another reason might be that Dubai may become the financial centre of the world, displacing NYC, so they may be scared of that as well.

Oh dear god.

rosh said...

lol @ the Chrome Ferrari :) talk about blings!

Lirun said...

i thought both cars were vile

CG said...


Anonymous said...

so many people here are cumming across the sites. I am shocked.

Joanne said...

Hmm...Today these 2 local ladies infront of our car just stop and parked her car in a small road blocking us to pass by and even though my hubby honked several times she just couldn't be bothered and just parked and went out of the car and walked away. Emiratis are very arrogant especially the ladies. We were so furious, we need to pass and go home but after living here for awhile my hubby said it's no use to get out of our car and fight with them because these ladies can accuse us "foreigner" anything tp the police..they can do what they like as they are local. I have experienced this for so many times and I am sick of it. I am now leaving Dubai for good because I can't live with these kind of mentality.. thank God for that. Emirati women are so ignorant about laws and a very very bad drivers they should be banned driving and if they have a driver they will make their driver wait for them at a door step of a shopping mall and caused traffic problems!!

joanne said...

Just to add one more thing...I just hate DUBAI!!We are not jealous, no one is jealous, you guys are just too arrogant.Change your attitude!

rosh said...

pse don't generalize joanne - the good, the bad, arrogant and the fools exist amongst all peoples.

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