04 August, 2008

Animal Cruelty Laws

Finally they have going to have animal cruelty laws. Now at least people will be fined or jailed for mistreating animals.

About time...when you hear about some of the things that happen here and how animals are treated, it makes you really angry. Now how about more regulations for those who traffic people?

Gulf News Article


2020hindsight said...

Will the laws apply to the poor animals kept in Dubai Zoo I wonder ?

a question of a question said...

or how about not cheating poor employees in taking personal loans for the employer?

things keep getting stranger every passing day


Anonymous said...

Yes, with all the utter bullshit that HUMANS have to go thru in this world THIS is the on the top of the priority list.

psamtani said...

Humans or animals, justice is justice. Not all our energies can be focused on a single cause, there are several ways to improve the world. Any improvement should be applauded, whether or not it is the most imminent requirement.

Ze Zoolozist said...

First second and third fines go to Dubai Zoo.

An answer of an answer said...

@ a Q of a Q.

Christ on a helicopter! What is the world coming to. Is there no end to man's greed?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Not all our energies can be focused on a single cause,

Thats why NOTHING gets done, because all efforts are so badly scattered that any real good would come in oh... about 12000 years.

And before anyone starts bitching about how justice applies to Animals... No, it doesnt, and animal is a possession, not a sentient being (unless you have a very basic definition of the idea) and if you DARE argue against this you better be a vegetarian.

Which I am. So not a frikkin word on animal abuse as most of you have dead carcass for lunch everyday.

Sorry for the double post, I have o idea what happened.

sufferin succotash said...


Not to mention plants. Plants have Life, people. They ain't tin cans. They live, they respire, they produce oxygen for our planet. They are living beings.

The difference being, they cannot speak. And they cannot run. Yet they are acutely sensitive, and respond to stimuli. They respond to sunlight, eagerly reaching out for it. Loud noises put them off and they recoil from it. Sensitive creatures they are. If only we could understand them.

Prince Charles speaks to his plants. He tells of how they grow much better when he speaks a few kind words to them each day.

But because they have no mouths to speak or legs to run, they are mercilessly and cruelly treated. Hacked to death, they are. Mercilessly pulled up by the roots, and left by the wayside to die. Names and hearts carved into their barks, as helpless, they scream silently. And no one hears. Mighty, majestic creatures, chopped to bits, and ignominy of ignominies, turned into chairs and stools, so humans can rest their bottoms on them. This is their fate.

And as for their bothers, the fairer, sweeter and prettier of the species, no less terrible a fate awaits. Yes, those lovely red apples. Plucked away and eaten. Yes, eaten. Crunch, slurp. Baked in ovens and turned into pies. All to satisfy the stomach of man. Fruits, vegetables, even the green leaves. None is spared. Sharp teeth tear into them. Who will hear their their silent screams of agony?

The basic instinct of every living thing is to procreate. To continue the generational line. This instinct becomes far more acute when threatened with death. And yet their fruit, whether apples or brinjals or bitter gourd, the primary representation of the new generation to come, the foetus, so to speak (we call ours the "fruit" of our wombs or our loins, as the case may be), is cruelly plucked from its "umbilical cord" and fed to the never ending appetite for more.

How would you like it if your generational appendages are cruelly plucked from you and eaten? And please don't sanctimoniously say you are doing it to help them. They know how to help themselves, thank you.

(That would sound like those do-gooder "Friends of the Cats" and "Friends of the Dogs" having them neutered--what a casual, technical word!--since we humans always "know what is best" for them.)

Yes, my friends, it is time to speak up for the plants of the world, for the voiceless ones without the ability to flee from tyranny, who must silently bear everything that is done to them.

Who will turn this Tragedy into a Blessing?

Who, who?

Cheeky Minx said...

You write beautifully Sufferin Succotash! A poet in a previous life eh!

You make me laugh too, so keep it coming!

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