25 August, 2008

In LA, then Iran, then back to AD

I'm in LA working on some film projects, then going to be filming/visiting in Iran.

I have started a new blogsite, if you live in the UAE, or are Iranian, please feel free to send pix and videos. It's called, We the People.

I have also been posting on my site about my stay here in LA and Iran project. While I certainly miss AD, it's 78F here and I don't miss the heat!


Lirun said...

sounds fascinating - good luck

Sheikha M. said...

Thank you!

The idea is for people on this side of the world to realize that the Middle East is not some "evil place."

When people have names and faces, they are no longer "those people."

Especially in the UAE, as we have so many different people/cultures here.

I would like to encourage people to write and send photos.

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